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  1. Yep.

    Stupid thing, I know.

    Recently, my father died, (Three months ago) and to help myself cope I did a very minor series of cutting, and this is now on my medical record.

    How badly will this screw me up? I'm at the medical document phase and the sergeant at the Recruitment Offices told me not to worry about it, because people have been let in for far worse.

    Any advice? Will this screw me up for good?
  2. first try the search function ya toob

    secondly why they gonna let someone mentally unstable in? would you give a rifle to a self harmer sat in a lone wood for two hours with nothing but his thoughts??

  3. Cheggers if you have nothing to say positively don’t bother saying anything at all look before sound off
  4. I'm not mentally unstable though. Heh.

    As said, it was a one off. Of course I am ashamed but at the time it helped me cope a little.

    I'm generally very stable, and calm.
  5. alright then here goes. it will put you back as my first post says, would you see it your way or would you see it as someone with mental issues!!

    secondly the search function has a massive thread on this with some lad saying his outcome and his was 2 yrs ago when he went!

    Don't get your hopes up.
  6. On a more precise note.

    Long story short, I had been abused by my father for a very long time, and when he passed away I did not know what to do with myself as I had sort of gotten used to it.

    In general, I am very calm and collected and I take well to stress.

    I'm just curious as to what you guys have to say.
  7. Don't say anything. Hope the doctor doesn't say anything. I've known people with fag burn and cut marks on their arms, swastika tattoos, all sorts of sh1t. It's all down to luck really so don't make an issue of it and hope that they don't either. Good luck.
  8. Thank you Wedge. I generally don't make a deal of it.

    The sergeant at the careers office said not to worry, and I am taking his word for it, but I don't want some silly cuts on my arms to screw this up for me.
  9. Have you considered the Navy? I'll march you over there to save you walking.
  10. I see the level of humour on Arrse is always sterling.

    Heh, nah. No navy for me mate. I've done well so far and I'll be damned if I'm going to be stopped now.
  11. Gourmet you got photos of the scars? you amy winehouse or edward scissorhands you aint got hope however i got glass cuts all up my back and they dont look shite!!

    However you have got to stop saying you are calm and such as once you cut yourself so why not again??

    Family has a pet dog, grew up with the kids and always friendly. one day the boy looks at the dog for a split second and the dog bites his face nearly clean apart. Then calm again. Dog gets put down. Only takes once to end it all! And no-ones gonna risk taking the dog incase it's their face next!

    Read that how you will however you'll see my direction on this
  12. Aye, I definately agree.

    Well, what I did horrifies me to be honest, I would never do it again. It freaks me out that I did it and I am ashamed of the fact of what I did.

  13. Why does someone always have to say something like this every time a medical condtion is mentioned? I hope you are attempting a shite wah.

    lying about something like this, or lying by omission, will often get a DOE (defect on enlistment) when being honest won't. You could get a deferral for a while, but is starting your career on a lie a good start.
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Not open for further replies.