Self harm

How well do you know this 'friend'?
Look on the bright side, at least on a tour you... sorry he may be able to harm the enemy! Bonus.


If you are concerned speak wth your mate. I wouldn't go behind his back.....he may place an axe between your ears.


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spanky said:
Should I speak to someone about it? What happens if I tell the welfare? Would he get treatment or maybe even be discharged? I don't want to ruin his career, but think that the lives of others are more important than his career. Am I wrong?

Yes, go for it. Tell them that the anonymous people on a message board said so.

Jesus wept :roll:
Well it is nice to see the level of maturity seen on Arrse, perhaps Army Net would get you a better response.

Are you in the military yourself? If not are you really in a position to comment on this officers ability to go on a tour? if you are in the military then shame on you for not knowing the answer to the question you have posted, especially if you are an officer.

It is interesting that people often forget/ laugh at the welfare of officers.

What I would recommend is speaking to him and explaining your thoughts and get him to speak to the padre. you dont have to be a believer to speak to them, they are always around on tour, and usually stay out for the whole time, so would provide stability.

You should tell him if i does get too much then he shouldnt feel ashamed and go to the medics for some help, he wont be much use to anyone if he can control himself, let alone his platoon!

And yes, the lives of others are more important that his career.

:) :) :)

ps i am sure the ohter officers in his regiment or his SNCOs would have noticed if it was that much of an issue.

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