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Right, had a look around and I couldn't manage to find a definitive answer to this.

My mate has messed up school completely and dropped out (twice) at 17, he now has plans to join the army. He has a large number of self harm marks on his lower arms inflicted by blades, I'm pretty certain some of them are quite fresh. I would like up-to-date information as to whether he will pass the medical or not, assuming it's in the next few weeks or so.

Do you really think someone with recent self-harm marks is mentally stable to play with rifles and bullets.... I think you should advise your 'friend' to get a decent vocational trade, plumber, chipie, sparks etc.


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That's the thing, I'm trying to get him to stay in school, the last drop out was two weeks ago so he still has a chance of going back. I figured that self harm marks would disqualify him from service, and so leave him up sh*t creek without a boat, let alone a paddle; no higher qualifications and no chance of a career in the army.
He wont pass. He will be deemed to have a history of mental illness.
Its all medical in confidence but he would have to put it down on his medical forms RG8 and his GP would also release any history on the facts. If information about this didnt go on the RG8 and he got as far as the ADSC the SMO should spot the marks. IMHO who wouldnt get through and if he's had problems a career in the forces isnt the right move.
No experience on the matter but this has been raised on arrse many times and it sounds like your "mate" wont pass. Seems if it was the result of being a melodramatic 15 year old it would probably be allright but if its still going on I doubt there is anyway you, sorry, "he" would be found to be suitable.

As someone said, some level of mental stability is required to handle a gun.. unless were talking paras, in that case it seems mental stability is a bar to entry.. what do I know though..

A long time ag, in a galaxy far away (called Hameln), I and a few other lads were affectionados of 'The Hard Game' which involved holding lighted ciggies against your arm for as long as possible. Sounds absolutely ridiculous in retrospect but we were young and drunk and generally idiotic. In any case, I still have a few livid round burn marks on my left lower arm and MOs in the past have asked what they were. I've been honest (sometimes), they've tutted and I've never heard any more about it. Of course, I was already in and if your mate has big razor slahes on his arms it will be a completely different matter...


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Thanks for the replies and I can assure you that it is a "mate" and not me; I'm rather further down the recruiting system then he is.


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A girl on my selection failed the medical for exactly the same reason.

In her defense, she did kick off stating that she was 'going to go back home, and kill the f**king w*nker who had f**king cheated on her, making her f**king cut herself'!! Obviously proving to all, how much more stable she is now!!!
Your mate will not pass the army medical and should not waste half a day attempting to join. Tell him/her/yourself to stay in full time education and focus on solving his/her/your emotional and psycological problems.

The army prefers those whose primary urge is to harm others not themselves - and then only within manageable limits....

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