Self harm been searching posts cannot find any answers to my ?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by justjoining21, Mar 1, 2011.

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  1. Had some issues around 2 and a half years ago i self harmed nothing major just tiny scratches was drinking heavily at the time i took myself to the doctors and he gave me some anti deps never took them never got the perscription either.the case of my self harm is over a period of around 4 months never done it before never have since just had a bad patch aka family issues i was 19 nearly 19 at the time im 21 now my doctor put on my rg8 that im fine no more issues and that its an isolated says all through the medical records through the self harm that id like to get my head sorted and join the army it states that 3 times.Ive kind of convinced myself im not going to get in could anybody tell me if i even have a chance?please no snide comments.yes self harm not good silly mistakes people aka in life im sure everyone has made some sort of mistake in there life
    So if anybody has any info please share.
    I have read that there can only be once episode of self harm im not sure if that means you can cut yourself for instance a monday night and never do it again???
    or isit over say like me for instance a four month period then stop never done it before that 4 months
    and never have again
    Thanks in advance to anybody that can help
    There a few threads and posts on this already, we tend to lock these threads up as all they do is attract knobhead posters, go speak to a recruiter it isnt really a topic for this forum- Disco. -
  2. if you're female self-harming suggests that you have self-esteem issues and will go to any measures to make yourself popular with the rest of your troop, so you will get on. If you're male, you're probably still a bit unhinged and could be the next Rauol Moat, and a bit of a risk.

    hope this helps?
  3. male and no it does'nt really help :) but thanks.Im not a loose cannon far from it but people dont take that at face value on things like this
  4. I believe that when they say that there is a limit of one episode of self harm before you are barred from joining, they are talking about fatal episodes.

    As long as you only have one of those you will be fine to join.
  5. Thank ironrations my self harming had been very tiny scratches nothing fatal never needed a doctor or hospital there r only very light scars that you cannot even notice only i can because i no there there.So i should stop fretting about this?
  6. pmsl @ ironrations, wonder if they get many applications after a fatal episode!
  7. As long as it wasn't fatal you should be fine.
  8. Mate do not worry about going to the AFCO and talking about self harm. I used to self harm and passed Phase I & II and got posted to the 2nd Battalion Gillette & Tramadol Regt. We are not allowed weapons but work out of CVR(T) and cut the enemies arms and put fook loads of painkillers down their throats. We are currently operating in Libya, Egypt & Tunisia. We have our own warship HMS Intravenous which has just left Valletta for a journey to Tripoli.
  9. Though I'm certainly not judging you for self-harming (the human mind is a strange thing!), I would seriously consider giving the Army a miss. It just isn't suited to emotional people.
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