Self harm and the such.

Basially lads, ladies - I Applied 3 years ago when i was 15 1/2 to join the royal welsh, Application got as far as lichfield and i got knocked back by one of the Medical officers, Basically the Letter stated that i would be permamently banned from joining as it's self harm, i was reading a peice of documentation from the Recruitment officers which stated that if the episode was over 3 years ago, and that it was a one of incident you could reapply.. i have a fair few of my buddys who're in the Royal welsh at this present time who're home on leave and we're going to mosey on down to the careers office and see if we can find out anything else about my case, if the chances are slim/high, I'm going to try and re-apply, I also popped into the Royal Navy/Royal Marines office last april and presented my case, they were more than happy to let me get as far as the first interview (Which i failed because i Fu*ked school up completely), Obviously now i have a job which is in the care Sector working with Elderly people with dementia, Cleaning shit, and the such, Plenty of Certificates, And the evidence that i can stick to something)

The Royal marines basically asked me to come back in a Years time, which is up at the end of this year, Beggining of next year - Obviously, I want to join the army though, What do you guys think my chances are, Think im going to have a Shit chance, The self harm stopped about 4 - 5 years ago mind.

Sorry for waffling, I just want to present my case as much as possible so i can get the best type of oppinion or guidance you can think of.. and btw, I dont want to stay in care.. lol
Just another few things to add, I've been training solid, 5 days per week, Running, Bench weights, Pull ups, Sit ups, Swimming & Cycling <- Just to add abit of variety.. My mind is set on getting in either of the services, It's just these medical officers keep knocking me back and i want to make them understand that i was a silly little twat who thought he was the be all and end all, I'm a completely different person now though and would'nt consider self harm if it helped me solve all the problems in the world at once..
I've no idea what they'll say, but I'm glad to hear you've got yourself sorted out.

A couple of questions though if I may.

Why were you harming yourself?

Were you cutting yourself, or doing something else?

Did it really help you feel better?

Was it a one off, or something you did regularly?

What help (if any) did you get?

Sorry to be a nosey git, but I'm genuinely curious about the whole self harming thing.

Booze and drugs I can better understand, but I suppose we're all different.

All the best.
When younger I wanked so much I developed a squint and several rough callouses in the palm of my hand the shrink said that was a form of self harm, or was it self abuse?
Anyhow it didnt stop me getting in, have to admit I was only a mere stab, perhaps you should try the T.A.
A couple of questions though if I may.

Why were you harming yourself? Some idiotic Fad thing was going around where doing shit like that made you the hardest, Basically the one with the most scars was the hardest, Pretty pathetic to be quite honest.

Were you cutting yourself, or doing something else? Cutting yeah, usually using something like bayonet knife

Did it really help you feel better? Not really, It's pain which isnt worth feeling if you can avoid it..

Was it a one off, or something you did regularly? Definatley a one off, Which is why i cant really see the reason the army was saying i had a permament ban from joining, Un-medicated (Which is Unusual i hear for depression)

What help (if any) did you get? None at all, Saw a doctor, The doctor believed it was something to do with depression, Allthough i wouldnt tell him why it happened because i didnt want to cause shit for my 'Mates' at the time..

All in all, It was just some popularity contest which was stupid to be quite honest, to be honest i look back and wonder how pathetic it really is.. I guess i just got in with the wrong crowd.
smudge67 said:
Lucky you're not from Bridgend!! They've moved on to hanging thmselves nowadays! ;)
Lol, Pretty sad really isnt it, No one wants to wait these days :roll:

Also, Thanks Original I was looking for this all over, some things i want to investigate..

I believe this ban is quiet unfair, the Doctor who was a TA medical officer Could'nt see any reason why i should have been banned and she offered to write a covering note to the Royal marine/Royal Navy medical board stating that there is no reason i shouldnt be accepted.
Original, I have to ask - I just read the Section on Self harm, That is basically my case, the doctor who wrote my medical record stated that i had depression, When obviously i didnt, Back to the question, What is S8?
Yeah i just read, Sorry and thanks mate, That is actually a massive help, Any idea on options? Could i ask to be examined by one of there psychiatric consultants? - i was just reading over the part 'In many cases this can simply be determined over the phone or paper-case Consultation.
Okay mate, thanks very much, your advice is greatly appreciated, Anyone think the fact that i've sorted my working life out will have any impact on the decision?, i know they dont like to recruit broken **** ups.
Alright lads, Went to the doctors this morning and basically sorted out something which was supposed to have happened 8 months ago, Basically I was barred because of Mental health issues but the document im going to copy now is a letter addressed to a Psych regarding my state, asking for there expert oppinion, This letter was written by the GP.

"Thanks for your oppinion on this 18 year old young man who came to see me requesting for a psychiatric assessment Before he could join the Royal Marines.
Jamie has had a past history of self harming where in which he apparently
slashed his wrists and displayed this over the internet on his webcam back in august 2006. There was also documentation of difficulties in school with playing truancy and bullying back in 2001.
Currently jamie reports that he is feeling well with no mental health problems, he is currently attending a course in college learning to become a Chef, He reports that he is happy and enjoying the course very much. No history of drug of alcohol issues. He did not have any history suggestive of depression. He certainly was not suicidal and there was no thoughts of deliberate self harm.
On examination jamie looked well, had good eye contact and had normal flow of thoughts. there was no objective signs of depression.
Jamie has no other significant past medical history and is currently not on any medication what so ever.
I did not think there was any current mental health issues stopping him from joining the Royal marines. I would be greatful for your expert oppinion on the same"

So basically thats the letter which has been sent to the psychologist, im just playing the waiting game now hoping they're going to see me sometime soon, What do you think the current outcome of this will be?, I'm also thinking about saying something regarding the 'Slashed his wrists and displayed this over the internet on his webcam' Because i dont actually think this is true, Firstly i havent ever slashed at my wrists, it was only the top of my arm, And i never had a webcam at that time, I've only had one for the past.. 7 months maybe.
nothing particular to add, but just to say you sound like a switched-on and determined guy.... you'd be an asset to the military.

Good luck!
Andy_Mcn00b said:
What help (if any) did you get? None at all, Saw a doctor, The doctor believed it was something to do with depression, Allthough i wouldnt tell him why it happened because i didnt want to cause s*** for my 'Mates' at the time.
Next time (if there is one) tell the doc all. Don´t worry about causeing agro, it is YOU who wants to join up, not them.