self harm and depression

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Blaise, Aug 13, 2013.

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  1. rejection is sure

  2. rejection is likely but not sure

  3. cannot tell

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  4. acceptance is likely but not sure

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  5. will not matter at all

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  1. old story, new version, in a nutshell:
    multiple cuts on forearm, some even crossing each other or very close to each other. especially the last one is really big, well visible.
    reason: trying to stop someone doing such self-harm in a "don't do, or else I'll do, too" way. (the determination resulted in an overdone cut at the end.)
    it happened about 4-5 years ago. since then nothing at all. besides, since then I gained much more understanding of the problem of the other person and now I see it was pointless to try and blackmail her as she did not have control over it.

    more-or-less unrelated issue:
    depression, not so serious, diagnosed, treated with mild medicine and ignorant attempts of putting me on worse stuff, ended up not taking them. diagnosis dates about 6 years ago.
    re-diagnosed about a year ago. (no self-harm.) medicines prescribed, decided not to take them and instead read stuff. result: now I have good understanding of what was going on in me and even just that seems to help much enough. no symptoms anymore and no need for medicines.
    since then got more and really tough issues, even those could not drive me into self-harm.

    obvious question:
    what chances I will have for passing the application process?
    in case it matters: age 27
  2. very slim, not a medic profession but someone will be along, Il sure its more than a year for prescribed drugs for a review, but if self harm is a point what could you do with a rifle, when cutting isnt enough, plus the pressure you could be placed in , may make you a danger to others if u cant be relied apon in a combat situation
  3. Run to this thread really really quickly.
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  4. But saying that, I do know a few peep in the Armed Forces that have SH to a degree, Its in your med files with NHS, but declaring it is upto you
  5. Be positive but expect the answer no.

    As an aside i hope you are not considering to join the Catering Corp " if you can hold anything that harms you, you can still fight/harm others with it."
  6. not to worry, I meant to say: If presented with such a desperate situation, I would fight, not self-harm, not anymore.
    (Even with a fork if needed!)
  7. No one on this site can give you a definite answer, go to the AFCO and be totally honest with them and they will be able to advise on whether you'll be able to join or not.

    However, it would be best to prepare yourself for some bad news.
  8. Thank you.
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