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And a happy bank holiday monday to you all...

I've been in the TA for about 9 months and have still only completed my TAFS pt 1 (this is because I was trying to organise my training round uni). I am now going to be starting self-employment and am concerned at how this will be affected if/when I am mobilised. Does anyone have any (useful) suggestions as I know a lot of you guys are self-employed and manage to juggle things...
I know a lot of you guys are self-employed and manage to juggle things
It's the toughest thing to do. Whist we are lucky in that the majority of OC's understand the unique problems facing us , it doesn't seem to filter all the way up.

Just look at the short tour threads to see what I mean.
Self employed tend to do well when it comes to promotion and trade courses, if they flag up gaps in their employment cycle well into advance with the PSI. Depending on the time they've got available, there's the chances of doing the 3/4 week courses that are open to the Regulars that the majority of employed TA soldiers don't get a crack at.

Attachments such as BATUS or OTX's are also more readily available, dependant upon branch/arm of service.

Of course, if you're a very busy self-employed person, that can work the other way, if you can't slow down your business enough to get the weekends in. If you're starting up, and it means working weekends to get the reputation/workload built up to be successful, then you've more problems than those of us who work Monday to Friday.

Ultimately it's a question of time management.
Wingletang said:
Is it me or is this title and the subject matter an oxymoron?
Its you.
Thanks for the suggestions guys (I think). Seriously though, I don't want to be seen as someone who never really pulls his weight. I'm either all in or not. I just don't want to bankrupt myself in the process...

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