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I;ve contacted chillwell regarding pay and been told that I could receive up to £150 per day to cover employing additional staff to cover me whilst away or I put in a years accounts or a letter from accountant outlining my finances.... They seemed to suggest it was either one or the other.

Only issue I have is I will need a secretary as well as someone who does my specific job plus a driver as I do these myself....I am now thinking that this could push costs to over £150 per day...and it is also a 7 days per week business. What proof will I need to provide for this? And has anyone experienced similar situation through mobilising that they have had to get more than one person in to cover what they do?

I have looked at Sabre website and it suggested that financial assistance for someone self employed was same as an employer's assistance... and only £110 per day to cover additional staff (as opposed to £150 mentioned by Chillwell).

Lastly I have children who stay with me part of the week....the ex is willing to have them but not the picking up and dropping off from school etc. If i needed childcare for this is it something that I could claim for?

Any thoughts appreciated.
Have you considered the cost to the British taxpayer of mobilising yourself?

Could we do it cheaper by your not going?

I was self employed and presented 2 years of accounts.

My salary was similar to an equivalent rank's pay.

Is yours????


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Yes I have. Probably could be done cheaper by not going. I wonder if the many it workers in the city who have gone to mobilise have stopped themselves because someone else could do it cheaper???

Are you suggesting that the army reserve be limited to only those on a certain pay? 2 years accounts the norm?
And thanks for the reply.


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I may not be the best person to advise here as it cost me over 10K to deploy to Iraq in 2003 and I was employed at the time but, for what it's worth, I've run my own business for five years, and recognising that it's all probably changed beyond recognition:

1. I would suggest that you talk to your accountant and then talk to someone in the CoC who understands these things backwards - no bluffing, just chapter and verse - in blood preferably. The pay folk did their absolute best for me at Chilwell but there was a limit as to what the system allowed back then and I got caught by the caps. Looking back, I should have been more grateful for their efforts.

2. If I were you, particularly as there are children involved, I'd get informed advice specific to my circumstances from the people who actually process the paperwork, not SABRE, and then crunch the figures. I'd be surprised if anyone accepts that you work 7 day weeks as standard and £150/day doesn't sound much for what you do and what you need. You'll also find that your marketing falls off a cliff as you won't be there to do it and all your personal relationships will deteriorate to some degree so there'll be a shortfall to cover when you return and need to regenerate your business -that's months at least.

The reality may be that, once you've crunched the numbers properly, you cannot sustain both a deployment and your business based on the available economics and I know what I would choose in those circumstances.
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Thanks FF. Food for thought.....

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