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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by callum13, Apr 23, 2008.

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  1. Is their any police on here that can give me the criteria of self defence so you dont end up in the nick?

    In light of the recent yobs who kicked to death that ex-soldier who will most probably get 10 hours community or something like that and with a recent personal event, I was wondering who here wouldnt think twice about knocking fcuk out of some silly little cnut/s if they gave you the grief?

    I do Mixed martial arts, im no rambo(well i am actually) but i can look after myself but if i got jumped,cornered by anyone I will honestly say i will be more worried about me the victim going to prison for defending myself and if it came to it taking a beating rather than myself getting in court facing jail for using "unreasonable force" on the poor little bastards who are not as advantaged as me and the world is against them who just tried to mug me ,because we all know we cant trust the law, we just have to understand it so we know what we can and cannot do. ^ refer to my first question :roll:

    P.S posted here because i am aware journos, some big people have a gander sometimes and by the sounds of it your lot are the only decent folk around 8O
  2. Just kick em in the b0llocks, then give em an uppercut to the chin and walk off.
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I'm no copper or solicitor, but my advice, if you are being set upon by a group of youths is to smash the biggest one into the ground first, stamp up and down on his head, and beat the others to death with whatever blunt weapon you can find nearby.

    If you haven't got any bruises or cuts yourself, get some on the way home, or before you call the plod and tell them you've been attacked.

    Just a though. (not that I'd do it myself you understand).
  4. What was the "recent personal event" out of interest?
  5. Its abit ironic but a mate was walking home and got set about by 3 lads, he did a decent kick and broke a few ribs ( i believe or bruised something?) and threw a few punches at the others before doing a BFT in record time i.e legging it, unfortunatly the lads knew who he was and since their was no cameras near this area and he hit first (got into his comfort zone for those who do martial arts) are trying to get him to court, dont know the whole story as what the police are/going to do but if he goes to court or even gets questioned under caution for excessive force which he reckons he might do - and basically i thought to myself last night fcuked if im going to prison because some waster needs a good kicking and im sure there will be alot of "knock em all out" comments but this is whyit isnt in the NAAFI :p

    FIrst serious post i have done in a while now..
  6. As the Police are unable to protect us and the Goverment unwilling to lock these scum up until they commit several of these crimes, I rely on "Louise" to defend me.

    Louise is a very nice knife that goes stabitty stab stab. I love her and pet her and kiss her and.....Nurse Nurse
  7. Simple answer. "Leave no witnesses"

    No Names, no pack drill.
  8. The definition of reasonable force is kind of vague. Make sure you don;t hit first unless they directly threaten you (a threat is legally an assault) at which point you can respond with justifiable force. This normally means getting them on the ground and getting out of there. Kicking them whilst on the floor will get you in serious shit unless they are still armed.

    Should they have a weapon then you can take it from them and threaten them with it unill they bugger off. But, as they no longer have the weapon, you can't actually us it as that would be unreasonable force.
  9. ..and remove any DNA you may have picked up....which leads into the question, what is the best way of destroying DNA etc.
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Seriously - if a group of yoofs attack me, weapons or not, I willnot take any chances - I'll take them down as hard as I can without trying to be in the least bit reasonable about it.

    One tiny bit of indecision, or leniency, they'll be all over you like a pack of dogs and it's goodnight Vienna.

    When they are lying on the floor, unconscious and bleeding, the threat is over.
  11. If you honestly believe they posed a threat to life you could use reasonable force to nutralize the threat.

    Well thats how it should work, although i have a mate who was attacked by some 12 year olds, nothing serious but he got a bollocking from the police saying if he'd hit them back he'd have been in the shit.
  12. Which would you rather do? Act within the law and get a good kicking and possible brain damage etc or give them a good hiding and get a few months years inside at worse? I know what I'd choose.
  13. better to be tried by twelve than carried by six
  14. Best piece of advice I was ever given in regards to self defence is to not, in anyway, show any form of premeditation.

    So, if confronted in your house or by your car, make sure you beat the tawts to death with a 7 cell maglight as opposed to golf club, baseball / cricket bat or chair leg with six inch nails protruding from it. That way you have not “armed” yourself by picking up a weapon, but have picked up a torch, which you have a legitimate reason for being in your house / car.

    Also, keep insisting that as you were outnumbered, you considered that your life was in danger as long as even one was still standing, after all, according to the media every chav over 6 carries a knife.
  15. This has been done, but as a simple pointer to defend yourself you can use such force as is reasonable in the circumstances, ie force with like force. Once you with your ninja skills have subdued an attacker/s assault or prevented same then offensive gratuitious excessive force must cease, in the end it comes down to the jury and a judge, in a recent court decision a Police officer was convicted for assault, he kicked the arm of a person who he honestly thought was going for a concealed weapon. The judge convicted him as he said his honest held belief was wrong, only a judge could make such a decision, it is or has been challenged but that is the type of nonsense a judge is capable of.

    So be careful! the chav scum you deal with will look like a choir boy in court and you as the mean and Moody military type will be painted as some sort of mad man by his solicitor.