self defence?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by nodigitsever, May 10, 2007.

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  1. my older Brother was stabbed for his mobile phone recently

    a work colleague was Sexually attacked in her local park while walking Her Dog, this was over a Year ago and She is still waiting for the Cops to take Her Statement!

    I was wondering as it is clearly not safe to go outside nowadays, what form of weapon should I carry?

    a Gun, knife or what?
  2. Panzerfaust, flamethrower and samurai sword should cover all angles.
  3. If you *MUST* carry something to feel better, make it something thats not actually a weapon.

    Not the best example but a mini maglite. Its not a weapon but its significantly harder than your hand.

    Don't use it unless you are going to commit 100% because if you start waving something about with no more intent then you can prompt the other person to do likewise - and they may well use whatever they have.

    Then don't stick around once you've used it.
  4. Just buy some "legal" pepper spray. I'll leave you to trawl ebay for it. :wink:
  5. Guns for show knives for a pro
  6. I thought it was you that had his mobile stolen?

    Is your family really unlucky, or are you just full of excrement?

    Stop worrying about being mugged, just shoot yourself and get it over with.
  7. Good quality, heavyweight pen.

    Have'nt you seen The Bourne Identity? Or Casino?

    Does almost as much damage as a knife, but completely legal to carry.

  8. Indeed it does. Apparently an ordinary biro can skewer both cheeks and the tongue, if driven with force and accuracy (so I'm told) :D

    Also, a folded newspaper can be very effective (google 'millwall brick')

    Two 'legal' weapons you should never leave home without :threaten: :D
  9. Legal only provided you don't gob off about your intention to use them as a weapon I would have to add.

    So mums the word chaps.
  10. Alternatively, a squirty bottle of Mr Muscle. Make sure the safety's off though. Worn in a thigh holster for greater effect and mong bafflement.
  11. How about going to the gym and putting on some muscle, then if someone is going to attack you you can flick them away like a flea!

    Or play rugby and see what lessons you can apply off the pitch!

    This will stop you complaining when you get nicked for offensive weapons offences or being stabbed/shot with your own weapon.
  13. Anyway how does 2 incidents, nothing to do with you, to two random people, constitute "clearly not safe to go outside nowadays"
  14. I can only assume that you tossed the knife having stabbed your brother, hence your need for a new weapon. Try using the mobile phone a la Blair Peach on the radio!
  15. As long as what you carry is legal, all you have to remember is to ensure that your response is proportional to the agression shown by your attacker. Or you could move out of the vomit-stained, pox-ridden pikey estate you appear to live in.