Self Defence Spray?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Whiskey_60, May 28, 2008.

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  1. Hello Chaps,

    Looking for abit of advice.

    The missus is all paranoid with the recent outbreak of knife crime... She travels home often late at night using public transport and although I’ve told her a swift kick to the balls will disable most male attackers, she wants further re-assurance.

    So i started looking at the legal ways she can help protect herself should the unthinkable happen and she becomes a victim of labours 'tough on crime' Britain.

    The only thing that I can see is this

    Spray Thingy

    I've read the companies 'its the best thing since sliced bread' part, but has anyone used or has known someone use something like this? Would it actually disable an attacker long enough to do one or would it just annoy them further?

    Any information or better recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

  2. I think the other five chavs would just take over afterwards.

    if you're going to go armed, go armed with something useful and hang the consequences.
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    The only legal alternatives to that are either an infrared marker spray (no self defence capability, only marking for the cops) and a 3-in-1 spray that stinks to high heaven, emits a 138db scream AND marks the attacker with a dye.

    It looks like the one you have found would be the best option because at least he'll have cag all over his face.

    Another alternative, if you want to do things on the cheap is a lemon squeezy thingy (you know, yellow, shaped like a lemon) filled with, er, lemon juice. If they get that in their eyes, they won't be seeing much for a while. Others have been known to fill the squeezies with other substances like ammonia and the like, or bleach, but I really wouldn't recommend this as it may get your missus in trouble with the law (if of course, she survives being attacked).
  4. Great stuff, but thick plod stop and search you and they will nick you for carrying a pepper spray, arrest you, seize it, lose it, find it and then send it to the FSS who will send an ambiguous forensic report back which says neither one thing or the other, so the police will try and bully you into a caution, for something that is not prohibited, 'because you intended to hurt someone with it' to quote PC Thick-of-the-Nick.

    Thats what happened to me.

    I told them 'no comment' to all questions, refused to acccept a caution and opted for trial. the CPS advised them there was no case to answer, as the spray had not even been used or discharged for its intended pupose (they didnt mention that it wasnt actually illegal to posess it though!) so I walked away with no conviction or caution, but it took 5 months and they told my employers, who believed I was carrying a pepper spray! Cünts.

    Don't believe that 'ACPO approved' bullshit by the manufacturers either. They have never 'approved' any product which suggests the Police can't 'police' our streets and that we had better look after ourselves.
  5. Whats wrong with a hatchet?
    Or if your feeling kind a sawn off shotgun (it will fit nicely in her purse)

    Have you seen tose weird american pepper spray, pink pistols etc I wish I new a site but search for it on google. I saw them in the paper a while a go.
  6. It's probably the best option to be honest (the product on your linky) it's not an incapacitant as such so therefore (as far as I can tell) not illegal.

    The only problem that I can see is that, if they happen to come across it, a Police officer wouldn't recognise it as such and would probably end up with your Mrs being arrested on suspicion of carrying an offensive weapon, though subsequent enquiries would probably clear her. As long as the stuff's as harmless as the manufacturer says it is.

    As for a personal attack alarm, don't bother. no-one pays any attention to it.
  7. Just out of curiosity, what were you carrying, i'm asuming it's the same stuff.
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    There's another 'fancy' gizmo that is the favourite bit of kit for doormen all over, and it's called 'the slapper'.

    It looks like a shoehorn, is covered in leather, fits in a handbag . . . . . . . and has a lead strip inside the length. The reason why it's called a 'slapper' is because it's the last sound the attacker hears before he loses consciousness.
  9. Yes. Earlier version of same. Bought 5 years ago.
  10. Isn't that a Blackjack?
  11. Does it look like this?

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  12. Thank's for the replies guys.

    Bi-Ped... This 'Slapper' you speak of, persuming of course that it isn't quite legal still sounds really... really fun!!

    It's a shame they didnt do something with the goo-like properties of the above spray but with the harsh smell of the one Ex-Stab mentioned.

    Although saddly I do agree with what some has said that the likelyhood of just having one attacker is pretty slim! The most you could hope for is that the attackers believe its CS Spray, but even then would it deter a group of drugged up attackers with a blade? Unlikely.

    It's a shame Tasers aren't legal here in the UK!

    Further comments/suggestions are welcome!

  13. Mr Deputy - She's not bad looking (I would say that, she's started reading these boards although she doesnt know my username yet! ) doesn't wear any 'bling' or anything and travels through a pretty rough travel interchange - 3 busses to get home in total.

    She travels anywhere between 21:00 to 23:00 - usually home by the latter.

    I try and meet her where possible but with a 1 year old daughter it's not always possible!!

  14. What should cozzers do if Chavs start carring it around? Let them off? I doubt they will be using it for self defence. What exactly do you want the old bill to do when they stop and search people and find something that could indeed be used to attack someone.