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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by ViciousCircle, Feb 6, 2005.

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  1. Just as a matter of interest, it has recently been suggested that within the next twenty four months the British Army may introduce self-certidfication to all ranks, with soldiers being able to call in sick without seeing an MO for a twenty four hour period. Also upto 72 hours but they would have to see a MO on their return to work.

    Now I for one strongly oppose this idea as it would be very difficult to plan any form of training and how would one control this while deployed on ops ?

    Anyone else have an opinion on this matter ?
  2. If it is to be introduced then it will all go tits-up.

    I can forsee Toms calling in sick with hang-overs and pleading a 24 hour bug the next day.

    As for Ops, hopefully that will be binned and reporting sick the only way
  3. Can you imagine how much the wretches at the bottom of the food chain will exploit this leftisim. It will come and we will be told to manage it. I may use it myself as a protest at important dates in the calendar ie visits. then again i may not. Who knows. As Britain is a great country, toodal pip.
  4. All a pile of shiit, what was once the bastion of pride in this wretched country of ours is now on the slippery slope to ruin :evil:
  5. Think we should go back to the days of reporting sick in No.2 dress (if they've been issued that is!) with your PT kit and road slappers, bulled of course, and washing and shaving kit in your large pack.
    The medical centre used to be so quiet :D and no one ever died, well not that often....
  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I remember Pirbright in 86, the Guards had to pack their bed spaces up in MFO, had it into their CQMS' Report to their Sgt in Waiting. Get their kit as described above and then come sick! And 9 times of 10 they were actually sick! Good enough for them..................... :twisted:
  7. Should be the only time they report sick is when the can't stand....sorts the men from the boys :twisted:
  8. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I remember MO's step testing about 10 supossed 'knee' injuries on a bench. Only two had real knee injuries. I beleive the law suite never came to court!

  9. Aaaaahhhhh, those were the days :twisted:
  10. I believe it is a good idea, seeing as we are in the most highly motivated, professional, trusting Army. 8O Oh ! thats just the problem we are'nt and as previously stated the little Scroats will abuse the system as munch as an RQMS before an LSI (no disrespect intended to any G4 types)
  11. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    How dare yooou! :evil:
  12. As an extra to this will it be the same for the civvies too much sick time results in loss of pay, also how about if you are not fit for your role you loose the x-factor, I bet that will have a queue at the MO asking to be made better
  13. Having just finished being a SSM in a CS Med Regt, that really will be the end of it all. I might as well get my rifle and stang on for the rest of my tenure, coz the scrotes won't. The number of times one would go sick on a friday morning when they happened to be on guard that night, thus leaving me trying to fin a replace from the on or two fit individuals that weren't already on that weekend. I reckon it happened 2 weekends out of three. As for monday morning parades or PT at 0800, well forget that.

    Having said that my gripes were all pre-AGAI 67. Were I to be doing the same thing now I'd be looking at firing a few minor sanctions at repeat offenders (coz we know who they are), then a recorded oral warning then admin discharge the little blighters and they can play their self-certifying games with their new civilian employers!

    AGAI 67 is the best thing we've had since the option of going round the back with the Sgt Maj for "panda parade" was removed.
  14. Dear Boleynbulldog,

    I have long argued that anyone downgraded should loose their X-factor. It's there to compensate for exigencies of the service and biffs are generally imune from those exigencies.

    Pregnant soldiers are a prime case - they can't handle oils and lubes, so they can't work on vehicles, guards, exercises and tours are right out. Yet they still draw full pay all the time they are downgraded REPP, while they are Y-listed and on maternity leave.
  15. Self-certification operates by default at many units where medical cover has been contracted out because of a lack of medical staff. There are no sick parades, the sickee phones the medical centre or his/her boss and gets a 24 hour sickie.