Self Catering Guernsey and the Shooting club


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I've booked flights for March 24th to 27th. I'm looking for Self Catering for 7 people total. They are American friends so I would love to book something with a bit of character and history if possible like the Historic Jersey rentals you can get - apartments in the Castle, Converted German Bunkers etc. Any suggestions?

On a related, I saw there was a firing range by the coast on the North side of the island last time I was there. I'll be doing the usual tourist castles and German fortifications. But can anybody recommend something out of the ordinary like shooting that we could do?


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I have a friend that lives on Guernsey and I've been down to see her a few times. It's not really a touristy place - the main tourist attractions are the ones you've identified. (Unless you include the island's one and only pitch and putt course).

Try this:

» Day trips to Sark and Herm from Guernsey

I've not done it myself, but it looks interesting. (Although you'd best hope its not a windy day - the seas can build up quickly around Guernsey).

My sister in law worked for a while on Herm.

It was a short while.
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