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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by chemystery, Jan 21, 2007.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    Posting here as some of you may have een through this already.

    I'm not in yet, waiting for SC clearance, but I pay around £400 per year for gym membership in order to stay fit. As a fundamental part of the job I have signed up for (INF) is being fit can I claim this back on a the self assessmet form?

    Any Gurus out there?

    Also, what else could be claimed back in line with my, intended, Army career.

  2. Ask your accountant, but I would have thought no.
    Your about to start a part-time job, paid hobby etc etc, where you will pay tax at the basic rate. You will not be able to claim anything back.

    If however if I am wrong, someone will put me right I'm sure!.
  3. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    No. Tax relief for expenses is claimable for expenses incurred for your profession and fees arising from membership of a professional body.

    As the TA is classed as casual labour I'm afraid you have no chance.

    Usual clauses apply. I'm not giving you tax advice, just my understanding of current legislation. Speak to your accountant.
  4. It's your choice as to what expenses you put into your tax return. However, if there is an enquiry into your return, that expense will be disallowed. You will have to pay the extra tax, plus probably a penalty, and also interest.

    As to what else you can claim - I think MMA is paid at about 25p per mile. HMRC allows 40p (up to 10K miles), so up to 10K miles you can claim the 15p difference per mile. I've also heard about incidental expenses, like polish, etc, getting a small allowance. Haven't tried it myself, but there was a posting on this, try a search. Not sure of anything else.

    Must say I found being a recruit wasn't cheap - tent pegs, bungees, para cord, bin bags, batteries, loads of polish, starch, padlock, etc, to buy, but apart from the obvious items, most will last.
  5. I asked this same thing to my accountant when I became self-employed. Any tax deductions can only pertain to a job your self-employed on or a source of income thats not PAYE.

    So if I buy any kit for my SE role, I can claim away, but I cannot claim back on a new webbing pouch for example for obvious reasons.
  6. I ont think there will be a problem in claiming gym membership as you will only enjoy the benefits of your efforts while in uniform.

    I mean, its not as if you stay fit once back in civvies.

    I myself claim for food as without eating, I'd not be in a fit state to turn up. I also claim back for a part of my mortgage as the house keeps the rain and weather off me so that I can prepare lessons, store my kit etc.

  7. Sounds like a mercenary can claim, but not a TA or Regular soldier.

    One might mention that if you're in the HAC you've membership of adjoining Holmes Place fitness place.

    Might other units negotiate a deal with local places, or might MoD do likewise?.
  8. Well I find I usually get stitched because of being a higher rate tax payer and them only taxing us 25% at source on TA pay, so every year I owe the tax man, even after the accountant has done his bit with claiming the additional mileage rate etc. I tried to claim for mess kit and service dress this year as I had to finally take the plunge and it came to more than the approx £340 we get as a tax free uniform allowance and was told you can't claim even though it was a cost of doing the job and cost more than the allowance - ho hum, good job I don't do TA for the money...