Selective mutism by BBC

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blam, Jun 9, 2013.

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  1. So today in Lincoln there were protests about a Mosque being granted planning permission. About 600 people attended so it was quite big. On the BBC website, there seems to be no mention of the protest . There are no articles on the protest and it just shows two links about the protest; the first one titled "Businesses lose trade after Lincoln demonstrations" and the second one being "Ric Metcalfe opens counter protest: unity against racism". The only mention of the protests was to slate them, with the counter protest (with a third as many people) getting more publicity. I would also like to add that the protests about drones at RAF Waddington only had about 200 people but received a lot more coverage.


    BBC News - Lincolnshire -BBC News page for Lincolnshire
    Businesses lose trade after Lincoln demonstrations | This is Lincolnshire - An article linked to by the BBC page
    LIVE: Anti-Islam protest march in Lincoln | This is Lincolnshire -- An article linked to by the BBC page
    BBC News - Armed drones operated from RAF base in UK, says MoD -An article written by the BBC about the protests at Waddington.

    Another thing, I did not attend the protests today. I am not a member of the EDL/UKIP/BNP. I do not oppose the construction of a Mosque in Lincoln. I heard about the protests over Facebook and wanted to find out more about them, which I couldn't do because of blatant BBC censorship.
  2. Tbh, I've always known. I just feel like it's the first time that I've caught one in the act. It's not normally this obvious is it?
  3. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    So let me get this straight, the BBC are censoring a story they directly link to on their website, which has a title and everything saying "Businesses lose trade after Lincoln demonstrations".

    I don't think the Beeb are doing a very good job at censoring it - you know by pointing out where you find the story on it.

    If they were really censoring it, they wouldn't have linked to it at all.

    Apparently the protest did not reach 600 people, maybe only 100 to 200 max, according to the local press.

    I see in this link someone is touting a Rangers Flag, that instantly makes them a bunch of *!&%* in my book:
  4. Oh do Feck Off you tosser. UKIP are nothing to do with either the EDL or the BNP. But a grown up would know that. Or are you fishing for bites you sad little man?
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  5. Are you sure that every news story has to be reported on, didn't hear about the ladies knitting club at chipping sodbury kicking off with 300 ladies going ape about their style of knitting being reported ?

    Least the Business section reported it, bet the serious news bit was looking at the outrage of GCHQ not telling everyone we're looking at you !!

    ....I did make the knitting thing up
  6. The BBC has some cast-iron rules in selecting and reporting news stories. Anyone opposed to immigration is an 'extreme right-winger'; SWP rioting is 'an anti-fascist demonstration'. When the SWP start the violence, the instigators are not mentioned ('a number of people were injured during an anti-fascist demonstration'); when the EDL start the trouble it is stated clearly ('numerous injuries have been reported after an extreme right-wing demonstration turned violent').

    If any mainstream politician questions immigration or makes a point about the need for integration, the (negative) reaction to it is the most important part of the story ('fury erupted across the political spectrum in the wake of the remarks, which the minister has refused to withdraw or apologise for. Here's our parliamentary correspondent to discuss whether he can survive in his job').
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  7. Any links to prove your assertions, then?
  8. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Deliberate BBC cover-up, I see.

    BBC - Search results for lincoln mosque
  9. Why does opposing the construction of a mosque seem to automatically imply some form of anti-islamism or racism? I opposed the turning of a local shop premises to a Mosque / Islamic Cultural Centre on the ground that it is not conducive to local business and that given the numbers expected to attend Friday prayers (figures supplied by the applicants) would lead to parking chaos. Should I now standby to be branded racist?
  10. Yes, turn the radio on and link your ears to it.