Selections - the Ice Breaker

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Deanizere2oo9, Feb 5, 2009.

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  1. Deanizere2oo9

    Deanizere2oo9 Swinger

    Hello i am of too selection in 1 weeks 3days and i am preparing my speach and stuff, i need to know what things to talk about and what i should focus on revising for the maths test or is it just general maths knowledge? It would help if you gave me a list of things to talk about and i can expand on them and time my self of a 2mins timer. If you want tell me more about Selection your choice but there my mains worries. Im so nurvous!
  2. JWRRC318

    JWRRC318 Old-Salt

    You could always try the search function :roll:
    But here you are anyway...
    -Where you're from
    -Family background (any family in the forces etc)
    -Chosen capbadge and why
    -What preparations have you made for selection
    -Your ambitions in life (on of which should be read instructions first IMO)
    -A memorable moment in your life (try to say a story which is funny and will make you look like a bit of a fool, it'll make people laugh and make you seem more approachable)
    -Any interests and hobbies
  3. soldier02

    soldier02 Clanker

    i go away 5th march and im so nervous to.
    i dont know where 2 start
    what are you going to talk about, im going to talk along the lines of family, friends, lifestyle and why i want 2 be in the army
    my main aim atm is working on my fitness, need 2 get my run time down.
    im going 2 do some maths work, fractions, decimals, simultaneous equations,things like that.
    hope this helps
  4. Deanizere2oo9

    Deanizere2oo9 Swinger

    Im just going to talk about what i did in the interview and the TA office that should last about two mins, ima make a mind map type of thing and just expand of it. I been working on my fitness i got 10mins 2secs then next day i got 16.27mins (i pulled a muscle in my leg so its my first time trying to run again tonight) i hopes its better now. When i get back from selection ill give you some advice and tell you typa stuff to talk about and things to study.
  5. Big_Bazza

    Big_Bazza Old-Salt

    Hm, we only had to say. Where we from , who we live with, preperation you made, regiment joining and why also pb on 1.5mile, piece of piss mate dont worry.
  6. Deanizere2oo9

    Deanizere2oo9 Swinger

    y does every one say urine on this site and not piss?
  7. Big_Bazza

    Big_Bazza Old-Salt

    lol :))
  8. Deanizere2oo9

    Deanizere2oo9 Swinger

    lol i just read what i wrote i mean why do people say urine instead of piss?
  9. No one tell him, this could be intresting. :twisted:
  10. MadetoPlay

    MadetoPlay Swinger

    Haha, you'll work it out sooner rather than later...I hope.

    I think the icebreaker is the only thing I'm looking forward to. After all its on my specialised subject - Me.
    You should all know a lot about yourselves...being yourselves. The real problem should be condensing it into two minutes.
  11. Deanizere2oo9

    Deanizere2oo9 Swinger

  12. cappa1

    cappa1 Old-Salt

    got my next wednesday cant wait but same time nervous its a bit step for us all im jsut gna think im talkin 2 bunch of polish ppl hu dnt av a clue wat im on about that way it will make it a bit cheerful for me lol my ambition in life... well that wud be 2 get jiggy with a hospital nurse in a hospital bed in visiting hours lol
  13. Big_Bazza

    Big_Bazza Old-Salt

    Plank, lol.
  14. :D :D :D

    Re the ice-breaker - don't forget to mention how switched-on to new technology you are, ability to grasp things quickly, etc. Whatever you do, try not to piss off your instructors. :)
  15. cappa1

    cappa1 Old-Salt

    ye gd idea that cud take the urine big time haha :)