Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bairdy101, Nov 20, 2008.

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  1. Afternoon all. Just seeking some advice

    I have my TA selection in just over a week. However, I have 'tweaked' my medial ligament in my knee playing rugby on the weekend. I've seen our team physio who stated that I'm out of rugby for at least two weeks. I also mentioned the predicament with the 1.5 mile run I have to undertake. She said I should be ok to run the 1.5 mile but doubts I'll be able to meet my current average time of around 9 mins 30 secs. I know that the limit is 14 mins. Is this a pass/fail style grading or are you categorised on your overall time?

    Has anyone had an issue like this before? Should I mention it to the Selection Staff upon arrival or should I miss selection completely until I'm 100%.

    Many thanks
  2. What unit are you trying to join mate?
  3. When I was there I was told that as long as you are under 14 its fine, but I believe that this may be dependant on regiment that you are above.. whiskey_60 just said... opps!

    But having said that theres some gym work which your going to use your legs on, and to some strain I might add!

  4. I always get there first, probably why the missus won't sleep with me anymore.
  5. Its the same boat for me really! :)

  6. ... I'll sleep with you.
  7. Start a new thread.. im sure theres quite a few with the same problem!
  8. Looking to join the Infantry - 3 PWRR down in Pompey

  9. Try and get under 11.30 for selection!
  10. Its round a running track to...... just like scalextric :x
  11. Thanks very much! Pretty much all I needed to know!

    I generally have no problems at all with hitting under 11.30. Obviously, with the knee its the impact from hitting the ground which will be the only concern and may slow me down.

    Thanks anyway guys!
  12. We had infantry guys on our selection day, they did the same PT as the rest of us which was the 1.5 mile run (+0.5 mile warm up) and the 150 metre jerrycan run only.

    As for passing the selection, there were a number of people that came in well after the 14 min mark and got through.

    If you inform the DS staff of your injury, you won't be allowed to continue (speaking from knee injury experience here :( )
  13. hush hush... dont say your name on here! :D
  14. This is true, if you tell the PTI you're carrying an injury they'll ask you to come back - not because they care about you. Just because its on their head if you further your injury and they knew about it.

    Make sure that you don't put yourself out of training even longer by doing this though.
  15. Keep it hush then? But run the risk of making it worse...... Whiskey whats the wait between recruit selection and phase one, this may be a decided on risking it or not right?

    My phase 1 isnt till January.... so i would risk it and have time to recover, but im stupid like that. 8O