Discussion in 'Infantry' started by montfish, Nov 4, 2008.

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  1. I am a serving Bootneck (Paras save your abuse for other threads and i'll gladly bite) and intend to apply for UKSF in the near future. I will get the chance to get alot of time off work to do beat up training for selection, and would like to get myself down to the beacons to do some bergan work to familiarise myself with the ground. anyone got the routes. obviously OPSEC and all that, just PM me please. Any snags and i'll remove this thread.

  2. Yes up to the top of one big hill, then down it, then up its neighbour, repeat until tired of life. HTH
  3. lol thanks, i'll bear that in mind. send grid of previous over?
  4. Try Fighting fit there's some routes in that.

    But basically pick a start point somewhere in the Beacons and just go for it :D
  5. cheers mate, am quite surprised i wasn't innundated with hundreds of blokes who had 'done' selection but 'took themselves off' - if ya know what i mean!
  6. Its early give them chance

  7. Highly reccomend Fighting Fit also, tis the holy grail. You can probably pick it up for a fiver from amazon too!
  8. Since Them and Super Booties do the same Selection, you might also want to try posting the same question on Rum Ration.

    Best of luck mate. :)
  9. I was on it and took myself off after relising it was way to easy


    sorry i couldn't help myself ( idle hands and all that )