Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by adonwar, Dec 28, 2004.

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  1. iam am going for selection soon and have looked on the net but cant find what is needed to pass i'am training but would like to know what points to focus on
  2. I see you've researched thoroughly then?
  3. And there are no places near you where they sell books? Not even a library where you can borrow some? Sounds like you're preparing yourself well - good luck on selection!!!
  4. Selection for what?
  5. Just remember to eat a packet of chips and drink two pints of guiness ever night.
  6. A fiji chap just passed selection a month back fom my regt, he did nothing but p~ss it up before the hills..... go knows how he passed! :roll:
  7. i know the normal like mile an a half in under 10 mins and 2 mins of press ups etc i just wanted some pointers training wise thats all and yes i can read there are book shops and i have researched i just wanted some of your tips thats all
  8. Remembering what I've been told about P-company, although the BPFA target is 9 minutes or so, you need to be doing it in 8 to pass comfortably.
  9. P-coy that is. For 21 I imagine its that and the ability to tab at high speeds over difficult terrain as well.

    I thought it was pretty much spelt out these days in the JIs?
  10. adonwar, just clarify what selection you are going for. P Coy, AACC, entry into the army?
  11. iam am entering the army trying to enter the aac i think its my cardio that needs some work
  12. If your going for "Selection" they tell you what you need to be doing

    Need I say more
  13. Just work on exercising your drinking arm and use the punch bag in practise for lamping gobby BAT lancejacks :D
  14. Good point. Selection (note capitalisation) specifically refers to UK Special Forces Selection in common speech.
  15. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Go and talk to the nice men at the careers office or (and this is a serious suggestion) go to then register and ask because there are a lot of cadets who go through the regular army selection tests every month and post advice or answer questions. You will get honest advice there.