Can anyone at your careers office where you've got all your details etc.. Put you onto selection??
I say this cos ive got a feeling the sergeant dealing with me has gone away for a week :/ (I really wanna get on it asap)

Yes the other Recruiters and Senior Recruiter will monitor things whilst your Recruiters away but to be honest a week wont make too much difference. If you have had your interviews and awaiting your date for ADSC this will come through the office through the allocation ladies in RG anyway. If you are still pre-interview stage after been found medical suitable from your RG8 health questionairre then you would more than likely have to wait till he comes back (dependant on the office really).

What stage are you at?
Ive had my 1st and 2nd interview, my medical has gotten the OK. Ive filled out all the forms/done barb test. Done many fittness assessments to prove i can pass.

So all i need is a date for selection now

You said "this will come through the office through the allocation ladies in RG anyway."

Could that mean that if my recruiter has asked for a date i can go on selection, it could come through like a week later?
So if he has gone away it wont matter and my dates will still come through (if he asked for a date that is)

Thanks The_IRON
(hope that made sense)

If your recruiter has requested a date for ADSC the other recruiters can check the system to see if they've assigned you a date. ADSC will send you a letter informing you of your Selection date and when to call into you local Careers Office for a briefing, Rail Warrant etc.

If you can't wait for a letter your best bet is to call your Careers Office and ask one of the recruiters to check if ADSC have assigned a date.
Rang em today ..
You where right toffeeman, they got my date through today :)

Got til the 13th to get even more prepared

Cant wait!
Good stuff mate,

Just relax, enjoy yourself & give 110% ON EVERYTHING, it's only 36 hours of hard work. As long as your attitude's ok you'll be fine.

Good Luck.
Thanks toffee

Got 1 last question to add here for anyone in the know..

Ive got a verruca and have tried to treat it in time for selection, but no luck.
I went to see someone about getting it cut out and they turned out to be ex-army .. He reckons that they wont really care about it at selection (not enough to get defferred)

Wanted to hear what others think about it?
That would be so annoying to get a defferral for a verruca !

I would not have thought a verruca would be cause for deferral, but I would make sure you bring some flip flops for the shower or atleast get something to cover it up as you don't want someone else getting one!

I had a corn once, got a knife and dug the fecker out!!

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