Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by insert-coin-here, Oct 1, 2007.

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  1. Just wondering if somone can clear this up.I have seen that there is an increasing trend to refer to basics as "selection".Just wondering if this a top down thing or simply the result of too many andy mc(insert pun) books.When on my basics we were expressly told that it was not a selection course that we were attending and that the only people who did do selection courses were of the SF ilk.Have things changed or are there a lot of SF trainees running around atm?
  2. I'm with you on this one. Havent we said this before?
  3. People are saying 'selection' alot on this part of the site because there asking questions about attending the Recruit Selection Center (RSC), or Army Development and Selection Center (ADSC). Its where the army checks if were ready to go on to an ATR, they select people. Which is where people are getting the name from i should think.
  4. Yup it was a offhand comment on another thread,cant remeber which.I just want to know what the gen is as "selection" seems to be very popular atm.
  5. Ahh i see,so it is not refering to basics then.Is this where mental tests ect are administered,and are these 1 dayer things?Sorry for all the questions just curious how this fits in with aquaintance courses ect also my brother is joining the fish-heads soon so some gen for him may be handy.
  6. yea thats right the tests for suitability, or TST i think its called, but only if your going for a trade, infantry and such get away without i believe. Also strength tests and a 2.4km run to be done under a certain time.

    I think its supposed to replace a look at life course, in some of the pamphlets i was given it would list the look at life course as the 2 day trip to RSC. But i went on a seperate one which lasted a week, i think it depends how long you have to wait for selection.

    I doubt people will be calling it selection in a year or two, im sure it has changed its name a few times over the years.
  7. Used to be called RSC (Recruit Selection Course) a few years ago then changed to ADSC (Army Development selection Course) at Pirbright, Lichfield, Glencourse and Ballymena. Its basically the old (Sutton Coldfield) if your old and bold where you have your medical, fitness, team tasks, TST and confirm your eligable for your prefered jobs. Thats why it is refered as SELECTION (for the army).

    Look at life courses are totally different and are a chance for the potential applicant and Recruiting staff to see if the Army is suitable. These can be from a weeks course away with your preferred Corp or Regiment or a one day pre selection. I got a lot of my applicants on the pre selection to give them a bit of confidence and also so i could confirm there run times.

    Obviously those of us serving realise the word SELECTION is for other reasons but the youngsters trying to join the army are using the correct terminology for Selection into the British Army to pass for Basic training.