well my young chav walt wanabee,

i think the website you are looking for is

on day one you learn how to:
Wear burberry and look like a complete always
think your hard by staring at people
carry a flick knife and use it (or think you can)
learn how to wear lots of sh1t gold from argos to make you look like some bad black gangster from the inner cities of new york.

if your fishing then fcuk off, if your serious then have a word with yourself or i will spell it out as you will understand, hey blood yo hav som chin wivya sel biatch!!
sparky2k7 said:
lol u make me laugh ai....u think ur someone special do ya? cuz u sound like a propa t**t to me...

i aint no chav im a * 17 ur old girl that asked one simple question and tha was if n e 1 was goin 2 selection on the 30th and u couldnt just answer a simple yes or no u had to mouth on like a stupid dik ed tha things he's sumfin special well guess wot mate u ent so get a grip nd fuk off if u ent got sumfin propa 2 say!!!!

tra buddy
17 year old, go back to the ghetto where you came from, we dont need your sort of scum in todays forces, you may think your a girl because you have not started shaving yet. and do not use the term "selection" as this means something alot different than going to your local ACF for selection to be a army cadet.

Now shouldnt you be in bed, its not time to go out robbin yet is it??

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