Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by sparky2k7, Aug 27, 2007.

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  1. hiya is n e 1 goin 2 selection on thursday the 30th. :?: w/b xxxx
  2. Say again, all after:-

  3. Is this SAS selection?
  4. chav selection is down the road, talk correctly mate!!!

  5. not you for a start.
  6. Wind your neck you little scrote.
    Kids attitudes these days.
    Right properly else you'll find your stay here short and brutal.
  7. I think we're talking about different types of selection here...
    At least I hope we are otherwise we're all doomed. :roll:
  8. well my young chav walt wanabee,

    i think the website you are looking for is

    on day one you learn how to:
    Wear burberry and look like a complete always
    think your hard by staring at people
    carry a flick knife and use it (or think you can)
    learn how to wear lots of sh1t gold from argos to make you look like some bad black gangster from the inner cities of new york.

    if your fishing then fcuk off, if your serious then have a word with yourself or i will spell it out as you will understand, hey blood yo hav som chin wivya sel biatch!!
  9. dont bother unpacking when you get there
  10. And stealing is easier than paying...
    When you write like that people think you're an immature pr1ck.
  11. Has this lad got an answer for everything.