Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by icemann, Jul 27, 2007.

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  1. dont no weather im ahead of myself just wondering well trying keep one step ahead give myself best chance does the military lesson that u have to learn and answer questions always involve the 1.2 A2 He grenade
  2. You'll be given enough opportunity to revise what you need to know at the time. Its a mickey mouse test and you would have to be downs syndrome to fail.
  3. Agree with sexysapper test is an absolute piece of p**s. but for you information it is the HE L109 & L111A1 grenades they test you on. Wouldnt bother revising though, easiest test ever!
  4. I agree the questions are really easy, they ask you the colour of it in one question!!!!!!!!! so its not rocket science
  5. The test is to see how you can listen and comprehend a simple military lesson on the evening and then answer the 10 questions the next morning. It also checks your handwritten work and for all those Overseas applicants who try and memorise the answers from previous applicants. It was quite good looking at the answer sheets after questions had been swopped around. :twisted:

    1. How heavy is ................. Red
    2. What is the colour f.......... Pull the ********
    3. What are the safety......... 5lb

    (not actual questions before anyone copies :wink: )