i am hoping someone in the know will be able to answer a couple of questions for me....

A friend of mine :) is attempting selection (of the SAS type) this summer. does anyone know if you are allowed to have your 2 water bottle pouches actually stitched on to your Bergen wasit straps or do they have to be on a seperate webbing belt?

Are Camelbacks ok to use?

Apparently on the last course there where no TAB's on Elan, are they happening somewhere else or is Elan back on??

Any other top tips anyone can supply will be greatfully rx'd by my buddy.......

Regards TG.

"Experience is something you gain, right after you needed it!!!"
Camelbak - OK.

Waterbottle pouches - Depends on the DS; it's really not a ballache to have them on a belt anyway so I'd leave them as they are.

Routes - No-one will tell you that sort of thing on the internet. Talk to other blokes who've been on the course. If you're TA you'll get plenty of heads up on routes prior to starting the hills phase anyway.

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