Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Kerouac_Jack, Apr 21, 2007.

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  1. Hey this is my first post. I noticed that on they changed the format and in the process took down the tests that I would be put through at selection(the run, jerry can walk, back lifts etc.) I was wondering if there might be another site that has this same information posted.

    If not I just have a few questions. How much do the jerry cans weigh? Also what is the difference between a Static and Dynamic Back lift and what is a decent amount that I should be able to do for each?

    Thanks in advance. I plan on going for selection near the end of the year but I'm coming from Canada so I just want to be prepared in everyway possible(so any other pointers I'll take gladly :D )
  2. Jerry cans weigh 20kg each, static lift is from the floor and dynamic back is testing your back/shoulder strength to see if you will be able to carry heavy loads.
  3. Oops I don't know why I put but was the site i was talking about. They took down the list and its still not there unfortunatly.
  4. Does anyone know of any links to pictures/diagrams/good descriptions of the Selection tests?

    Been trying to find them but have had no luck - I take it that the static lift is the ammo box from ground to shoulder height?
  5. no just wait and see......just keep running 2 mile a day 4 days a week...and keep doing sit up's and push ups and chin up's

    if your doing them alot then you got nothing to worry about trust me