hey i got selection at pirbright in 10 days, and i need to know what sort of warm up you do before your 1.5 mile run, in the dvd it doesnt show or say anything about a warm up jog, but ive heard from my recruiting officer they warm you up for about an hour before, and "jog" you around the 1.5 mile course and THEN you do your timed run, whoevers been to selection recently could you let me know because i can run 9.50 and thats with no warm up just stretches n stuff but need to know because im running out of time.

I'm sure you get 15 minutes to jog/walk around the BFT route then it's a timed best effort after that. The 15 min warmup doesn't slow your time at all.


Dunno about that, warm up as per, 10 ish mins, then 800m as squad in 5mins followed by 2.4km best possible sounds about right, but I'm sure wallbars every where will jump in & correct any errors.


Our warm up was a walk/very slow jog around the route once (half a mile). When we got back to the start the timed run began. I think 9:50 will get into anything bar Para, for which you need 9:00. The books say 9:18, but when I got to Lichfield they told me I needed 9:00, which I knew I could do better than anyway. What Job are you going for?


i went to selection on 7th december at lichfield, and all my warm up was a slow jog with occasional sidesteps for 800m, wouldnt worry to much about it, it will make you run better anyway, everyone at selection passed the run when i was there, aslong as you dont walk and get in your required time your pass, but dont walk! good luck!
My warm up, when at Glencourse consisted of a jog/walk, with a few side steps thrown in, down to the place where we would be doing the actual run, it wasn't a very strenuous warm up in all fairness. So to be honest i wouldn't worry about it. I doubt that you'll be knackered before your run and if u can complete it in the time u say you can then i think you'll be sorted!

Good luck :)

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