Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by QinetiQ, Nov 18, 2005.

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  1. Im going to going through supervisor selection.

    Anyone any ideas where you can get hold of appreciations to practice on. And for that matter anything that may give me a bit of an edge when going down to blandford for the real selection.

    Cheers if you can help!!!!!
  2. Having "Been there done that" (successfully!) a couple of years ago, I thought I might pass on my experiences.

    Firstly, the best person to speak to for appreciations is the YofS. They normally stash at least a couple or even your own Supvr IS if you have one and not forgetting the FofS. Practice giving back briefs once completed.

    Secondly, read plently of quality newspapers everyday and ensure you are up to date with current affairs. (not just military).

    Practice writing at least 4/5 essays of about 500 words and make sure they are critiqued. You can get advice from your nearest AEC.

    Try and jack up some Command Task training. First stop is the Training Wing or the Gym.

    Depending on which theatre you are in, some units put on pre-selection courses. 243 SigSqn in Wilton held one for the last board, from which 5 people were selected.

    Finally work hard and good luck!!!
  3. Darth
    Isn't it the Budley Salterton Twilight rest home....?
  4. Sorry mate, geek alert!
  5. Probably,

    Thanks anyway!
  6. PM me I'll send you a few