Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by rachaelb, May 14, 2012.

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  1. how many times do you get to redo selection. I am asking on behalf of a friend as her third time back there will be in january and she believes that is her last chance saloon. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. Why does she keep failing?
  3. the way army selection is run at the minute then she must be an utter total mong to fail twice.
  4. Well, has your friend thought of asking her instructors?
    Oh and good luck next time.;-)

  5. yeh she fucked up on the bag lift and jerry cans so if u dont put the prep in it wont pay off
  6. If she failed the Jerry Can lift she may as well sack it.
  7. Is she going RE too? She sounds like she'd be mega on a bridge panel.
  8. A woman on a bridging site? You comedian.
  9. well i just passed my selection by putting in hard work and working on the jerry cans its all about effort and commitment. The army dont accept failure, u can see why..
  10. Selection isn't hard work, and if it was. Have a serious word with yourself
  11. i agree not hard but not enough ppl train beforehand and they dont pass im the only second girl to get through the doors
  12. Tell your mate to try the RLC, they have wider doors there. She should fit through ok.
  13. Was talking to some people at my ACIO last night, this ain't the lass who couldnt lift the 15kg bag was it?!

    - and failed last week / week before?
  14. 15kg?! Are you joking? My 7 year old daughter can lift that!!! She really should just train hard before arranging to re-take it. I mean she's really likely to just get injured. Why does she want to join? I'm not bad mouthing just more concerned/confused!
  15. Fixed that for you.