i have just come back from my selection and got a deffered b, which means i just need to redo the jerry cans and bag lift again can anyone tell me that defer does not mean an automatic fail as i passed the rest thanks


How did you get deferred for the Jerrycan lift?!?! You should be ashamed of yourself.
just need to redo bag lift again tpo be honest a lot of females dont have great upper body strength
Shit excuse!

Lets just hope there is a strapping male colleague next to all women whenever they need to lift a box of ammunition onto the back of a MAN SV when under fire! <sigh>
ok, without sounding derogratory, females so find it harder with their grip and i gave it my best im the only female that passed the run so it shows effort
Passed the run with what time?
Well done! Now get in the gym and work on your upper body!

Regarding the question about 'deferred', were going to need a picture of you before we can offer further constructive advice!
The gym is a controlled environment. The weights are easy to contol and manipulate. Try compound moves like the clean and jerk to build strength throughout your body. Ask them if they have any power bags like those used in the tests and practice with them.


lol at least ur honest. and yes i do look good in green but its beside the point.
Of course you do. All girls do. Thankfully there are no straight lines in nature as most of the STAB bints I've seen are a bit on the rotund size.


lol go to my gallery got a paintball pic of me up there wont let me upload the rest pixels are too big ur both quite funny
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