Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by GunzablazinUK, Jul 14, 2005.

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  1. A quick question..i would just like to know what the 2 day selection process consists of in Edinburgh.. I am aware of the physical side ie:gym tests and mile an a half best effort but do ur medical tests and urine tests also take place in these 2days??
  2. Urine tests!
    If you suspect ya have a dose get ya sweet arrse down the clap clinic.
    you know it makes sense
  3. more along the lines of pot in my system.hav'nt smoked it in 4weeks since i applied to join but want to be sure that the s**t is outta my system b4 i have to piss in any cups
  4. GundablazinUK ,Keep smokin it after you join, and you,ll be caught quick enough, and back on the shi-heap youv,e just come from.!!!!!

    gIVE IT UP Maaaaaan.
  5. This time il emphasise on the HAVENT smoked it for 4 weeks since i applied to join and even then it was a social smoke at the weekends with a pint. Dont you have some rims to steal or some gluebag to hit anyhow??
  6. If you were honest about your use to the recruiter when you joined and you haven't touched it since, you should be alright
  7. 90 days i think
  8. Sh1t ya wants ta join up and ya now implying ya haven't got a dose, what sort of lilly livered wimp are you?
    Get ya assre down the docks and pray the Fleets in ya gauranteed a packet of one of these matalo's, a Froggy one if ya rucky.
  9. The ironic thing is that harder drugs like cocaine flush through your system in less than a week, whilst cannabis, OTOH is detectable for well over six weeks depending on the type of testing regime used.

  10. Does this make sense to anyone else??I can only make sense of the first sentence

    Yeah i DO want to join up,and i have'nt even passively inhaled any weed based on the fact that i want it that bad.I was going to wait till the end of the year to join but decided now was the time and as i said,having made that decision i have'nt been near the stuff since.As for being a wimp, i dont think i'd be joining Infantry if i had any doubts of where my courage lies.Especially the way the world seems to be going at this period in time.
  11. The "dose" in question would be an STD and matelot is slang for a RN sailor. That post making any more sense now?
  12. Don't maka da sense and ya wants ta join up !
    Oh my Buddha
  13. Not really! apart from the fact that i now know what a matelot is
  14. I did'nt realise understanding Jibberish was a procedure for gettin into the army
  15. Ah no gibberish, and a clean willy, its the Pie and Ear corpse for you.
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