Hello all just wondering if you can help me .

I attended Selection on monday at Whittington barracks.
I Passed :D woop woop

But i just wanted to find out how long it is going to take now before i get to phase 1 Training. After passing i went to my local AFCO by then he already had a email saying i passed. But even so he didn't say or give me a hint to when i will be given a start date .

If you could help me out i would be very gratefull.
your going to be looking between jan-april 2010. more towards april from what i have read on here. did you ask your recruiter directly? they can go onto the system and tell you when the next intake is aswell as telling you how many places are available. iv not been to adsc yet i go on wednesday and at interview 3 the sm there checked for me. hope this helps. john
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