Evening fellas.

I'm currently going through the process of joining the Army, joining as a communications systems op', I've got to the stage of going through selection, I should have started today but i've been ill so had to cancel and now I have to the end of the month to get my fitness back up.

Basically I'm a bit nervous about the icebreaker, i'm fairly confident but i'm not sure what you have to speak about so I havent made notes or a plan to practice with so could some tell me exactly what you have to talk about?

Also, the medical, what exactly do they do to you? Blood tests I imagine?

I'm confident I can pass the 1.5m run but for my job choice (stated above) i'm not exactly sure what time I need, I currently finish around 10mins 30.

Thanks in advance for any help.
I went for a fitness day last week and we did the icebreaker....

It's clear that 90% of the people there are nervous when getting up to talk in front of people, but we had a board at the back with some pointers to talk about.

It's easier said than done but at the end of the day there is really nothing to worry about because you are talking about yourself and you obviously know quite alot on that so it's not like you won't be able to say anything.

Just talk about what you do, hobbies, why you want to be in the army, maybe a bit about your family background, school fav subjects etc...

Don't rush, don't swear and I always think to myself it's good if you get a laugh but trying to be funny won't work :p

We had to all talk about a really embarrasing moment in our lives, that is quite a good icebreaker, if you share something like that then talking about anything else is a breeze :)
I was nervous as hell but when i got up there everything just poured out of my mouth, and i breezed through it,

firstly, name, where your from

what hobbies your interested in

then say about your parents, wether you have any siblings, and what professions your parents are in

then finally the best way to end it is whats your best moment in life upto now, mine was when my sisters were born, others were when United won the champions league :p , some were when they got married ect ect

ignore the dvd they give you about selection, it says you have to stand up for 5 minutes, thats a load of balls, ours were about a minute long, some even less, aslong as you answer the things above youll be fine.

allso you stand infront of a computer and theres about 8 questions on there just to give you some help, aslong as you stand up and talk, youll do fine.

and i dont know about the above, dont swear ? jesus the cpl was making us swear in ours lol, the cpl was asking us if we ever spit roasted a fat woman in our icebreaker haha, they didnt care, and its a icebreaker to introduce yourself, if you swear you swear, thats you

but maybe you wouldnt want to risk it because there might be different cpl's on the day might not like it

what im saying is be yourself, when your not yourself and your out of your comfort zone thats when your nervous

and dont worry about run times and all that either, i went in witha run time of over 11 minutes, and came out on the day with 10:30, if you want it, you will get it
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