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I was there last week - although I was at Glencorse.

Give me a few details about yourself.. whats your runtime?

Of the people who were deferred or failed last week, most were because they weren't vocal enough on the team tasks..

I tend to get stuck in so I was okay, but make sure you SHOUT encouragement, make sure you stick your ideas in, if someone else nicks your idea, don't worry, say "Yes! Great idea! We'll (copy what they said).. there's no excuse really for failing something so menial..

I found the jerrycans to be a piece of urine.. easier than carrying the girlfriend's shopping home in my opinion..


I would say the team tasks and the run are the most important two things.

During the team tasks make sure your mouth is moving ALL the time. If you're not helping, encourage people, tell them to move quicker, etc etc you don't have to shout at the top of your voice, but make sure people and the staff can hear you.

During the run, do not stop! There was a lad who was deferred even though he had a 9 mins odd time because he stopped.

Like I said, jerrycans are easy, don't put too much preparation into them as they're easy.

Heaves - just make sure you can do one. As for the other upper body stuff, you don't need to be Hulk Hogan to do them - all fairly easy stuff.

Grenade test is easy... all simple questions, you just have to make sure you're listening.

Interview, again, fairly easy.. relaxed enough - just be confident.

Matters are important. Two stripes is Yes Corporal, Three is Yes Sargeant, but if you're not sure, just say sir.

Most importantly, have fun! It was an excellent two days!

Edit to add : It's all fairly easy IF YOU HAVE PREPARED!
yh but you dont call a non commisioned officer sir/ma'am. you call them by their rank.

i do army cadets so i know what to call them

i will make sure i don't stop then

thanks for the advice

what are you going into


I'm going RMP... just got a long wait ahead of me I think

How about you? Paras?
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