Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Sig_Mercury, Feb 12, 2009.

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  1. Hi All,

    Brand new to the forums so first post here...I'm in the process of joining my local troop and have just found out that I am going to selection this weekend.

    I have read heaps about it and know the basics of what to bring etc; but does anyone have any tips, stuff to watch out for, pitfalls, common mistakes, etc?

    Thanks in advance
  2. yeah,chill the **** out,im guessing you will either be going to grantham or wizzbech.just so you know,you cant fail,i got 14:30 on my run as i had to do it in jeans as i borrowed my stepdads running trousers which were waaaay to start off at about 10am,have a brief,split of into 3 groups,go into huts and do your icebreaker while another group does the pullups,backtest,lift test and jerry can run and the final group does leadership then you have a break for lunch,get to check out the fit blonde at the payd then you have another brief about the army and then you do the 1.5 mile run,then you all get your certificates and go home :)
  3. Thanks for that, going to perbright apparently. hear they are a bunch of carebears there... :lol:
  4. Quick tip, stick another L in your username. :)
  5. and check your PMs
  6. ah yeah they will be,on my selection we had a couple of huge cpls and a sgt that looked like a dinnerlady,you could tell the cpls wanted to scream at us because they kept having to restrain themselves during the fitness tests.but i think the sgt was just to make the army seem kind and furry
  7. Advice? Shut your mouth and open your ears.
  8. Yea thanks for that billy, sorted
  9. check pm's
  10. No problem.
    Welcome to the Corps and good luck.
  11. You will need to bring the following:

    Weather appropriate clothing.
    Spare sock/underwear.
    Sports kit - Running trainers (not down the pub ones), shorts, sweatshirt.
    Washing and shaving kit/towel (you WILL have to wash AND shave)
    Note book and pen/pencil.

    No need for sleeping bags, knife/fork/spoon/mug.

    You will be issued:
    Numbered bib
    Numbered helmet
    Clip board
    Bed space and bedding

    Food/drink is supplied in the mess hall (no charge). Water and a fizzy pop machine are in reception.

    Offensive weapons
    Drugs (any type)

    You will complete the following activities:
    Safety brief
    OC's opening address
    Military skills lesson
    Physical Selection Standards (Recruits)
    Risk Reduction Run (2.4km in 14 minutes or less)
    TA terms and conditions of service presentation
    Practical military skills test
    Team Tasks
    Written military skills test
    OC's closing address

    Remember to treat it all as an extended job interview (in essence that is what it is) and do your best at each activity. You will not be told the result until your next training evening, where your written report will be waiting for you along with an interview from one of your units officers.

    The possible out comes of recruit selection are:

    Pass - get loaded onto Ph1 training
    Fail - do not join the Army
    Deferment - not quite made the standard for some reason, however, we feel you would benefit from another attempt at selection

    Any other questions?
  12. Also try using the search facility, saves me having to type the same old thing time after time :wink:
  13. Blimey, nothing like my selection weekend two years ago. Friday night was the written tests then we went to the bar with the DS, sat am was medicals, sat PM was kit issue, think we might have had a couple of powerpoint things as well then down to the bar again. Sunday morning was PFT then we got into our uniforms and did some drill then we were attested and then we went home!

    I guess thats the joys of nationally recruited TA!!
  14. Be aware that posting mis information like this can give potential recruits the wrong idea.

    There are a number of ADSC/selection centres around the UK. MOST will either:


    To go along with the attitude 'who gives an eff, I'm gonna pass anyhoo' will earn you a swift FAIL with me.
  15. what happened to the written tests like Rockhopperst4 mentioned and the early starts??

    Has it changed much within the last 10 years fallingplate or did scaleyback88 get a easy ride? I don't recall my selection weekend to be like this, but there again i can't recall power point...

    Fallingplate can you give us an idea of just how many people do fail selection weekends and the areas in which they fail. It might give some people a bit of a wake up call? If you turn up at selection, basic or at any other time with the 'i will do attitude' and a time of 14:30 you are just gona look a complete prick and will just attract attention to yourself. :roll:

    But I might be wrong, just my opinion.

    edditted to add:

    everyone else, including me has added their opinions
    whilse you notice falling plate has just provided you with the facts, read carefully and then read again and again... also notice his comment You will need to bring: 'A GOOD ATTITUDE'