Selection Weekends

Looking to join the OTC in September when I jaunt off to University and would like to know what the selection weekends consist of.

A year or two ago I was playing soldiers at the same barracks that one of these weekends was taking place and it seemed to be made up of a visit to the MO for a tick in the box, "Hi my name is ... and I like", a cocktail of command tasks and then a jolly good night in the mess, pipes and all which the unit's OC was kind enough to invite us to join.

Are selection weekends pretty standardised up and down the country or does each OTC do their own thing? Any other info would be appreciated.
I think it depends on which OTC you are hoping to join. Just turn up put in bags of effort and have fun and you will get in.
I would hate to think I wouldn't make the grade based on some of the characters who feature in the likes of Belushi's storys.
so which uni are you heading to? someone here may be in the right unit to tell you what their selection is like. Queens dont do selection is the same way most UOTC's do, but then from what I have seen the selection process is a bit of a joke in most UOTCs. It seems mostly aimed at making everyone feel like they put a bit of effort to get in

while at another OTCs selection weekend i saw comments like "nice chest" or "very cute" coming out of interviews on certain individuals docs :D
if ur actually scottish they will love to have you there are a few from AUOTC bumping about on here
As bennett say turn up, bags of enthussiasm, haribo in the pocket, smile on your chops and you will make it no probs. (If you also found yourself proficient in playing rugby or football to a half decent standard that could go in your favour come northern lights. Also have a fair few drinks but don't get hammered :pissed:, from the expierience of 4 selection weekends this only annoys the senior cadets, who will be responsible for a large part of your training.
Most OTC selection weekends are run pretty much the same, have a look at various unit web sites for a good idea of what goers on.

The biggest failure area is normally the medical - but this is the standard army medical - so there should be no surprises for anyone.

The rest of the weekend is generally a mini RCB- have a look at the RCB web site to see the sort of things you will get up to. However it is run at a much lower level.

There will be a social on the Saturday night. Have a few beers and have fun, say hello to the important people but dont get hugely pissed especialy if you have some physical stuff on Sunday.

How hard the selection is depends on how much competition there is for places.

Last year two Southern OTCs were sharing a camp on selection weekend. Both had 120 vacancies to fill. One OTC had 118 turn up for the weekend and the other had 180. It is easy to work out the maths.

PM me for more info if you want
BeastAppreciationSociety. said:
Also have a fair few drinks but don't get hammered :pissed:, from the expierience of 4 selection weekends this only annoys the senior cadets, who will be responsible for a large part of your training.
Save that for your first drill night :oops: Apologies to whoever cleans the TAC :D
poorlytrainedidiot said:
rant on

one course in the army called selection and it ain't to join the OTC

rant off
But Selection for that is more than a weekend surely?

Besides, we're using it as a common noun/adjective, not in its new semantic form as a proper noun.

Or has it been removed from the lexicon, for exclusive use when talking about that particular event? :)
trying to sound smart does not suit you. the reason i rant is due to the fact that in 2 months time when the first years start training i get fed up of hearing it once the weekend bit is dropped. just gets my goat thats all. and anyways assessment weekend is a more accurate description
Possibly, depends on what you are trying to achieve. Selection implies picking the best out of a certain group, whilst assesment generally means looking at each member of the group and his/her individual abilities.

Not sure how your lot do it, but we did a round of phys and interviews at the TAC, then had a 'joining' weekend where kit was issued, medicals etc. This fits both descriptions ie the 'selection' day of phys etc, then the 'assesment' induction weekend.

As it happens, our company basically took all those who turned up, because they met the standards, but for example Cardiff rejected most of their applicants.

Swings and Roundabouts. :)
ULOTC now calls it the "Selection Board."
Sorry PTI.
Macks said:
ULOTC now calls it the "Selection Board."
Sorry PTI.
well i will have to finally bow down the the powers that be then. ah well it was a short lived crusade but on the plus side this years recruits might end up calling it "the board". i can live with that!
But if they call it 'The Board', there is a danger of it turning into a bastardization of the Apprentice. Actually, thinking about it, thats sounds rather fun - You're fired! :D

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