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So, I finally got around to wandering back into my now-local TA unit after 3+ years and a house move since I last joined. (Or attempted to!) Got an armful of paperwork to fill in, oh how I've missed that. Not.

I get the bit about phase 1a and 1b, that doesn't seem so different from back in 2005 just in a different order but mention was made of a selection weekend which didn't happen last time round - does one need to pass the MATT 2 fitness standards on the selection weekend? I'm not there yet, I was assuming I would have some time and more importantly two or three weekends along with drill nights (TAFS as was back then) to get me there.


Fitness standards for the Recruit Selection Weekend are:

1.5 mile (or 2.4km, if you prefer) run in under 14.00. Infantry possibles must do it in under 13.00.

There are various other "tests" such as jerrycan walk and machine tests, but they aren't really tests as such. You won't fail the RSW on them, unless you are especially weak. Basically, for selection it's the run, fitness-wise anyway.

It's by the end of phase one you are expected to run it in a better time.
14.00 is only 30 seconds off what I have to do it in anyway! Still, that's not too bad - it's always cutting of the last 30 seconds or so I find the hardest. Thanks for the info.
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