Selection Weekend.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by noodlenoggin, Nov 24, 2009.

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  1. I am due to attend the recruit selection weekend at Strensall on Friday and would be grateful if somebody could let me know what exactly the medical consists of as it seems this is the part that most people fail on?

    I know there will be some pull-ups, jerry can run, barb test, memory test 1.5 mile run and an electronic back and pelvis strength test (sounds intriguing) is there anything else I have to look forward to?

    Any sensible answers or advice would be very much appreciated.
  2. wouldn't worry about it, as there is nothing you can do.

    They will read your doc's report. test your hearing and vision. take sample of blood and urine.

    And have a chat with doc about your history.

    If you have a good doc and they have signed off any problems you have had in the past you should be ok.

    I was due in strensil for weekend 4 but my battery is only sending us down once a month, total joke imo!
  3. Agree with GeordieSteve that the die is probably already cast in most respects as far as your medical goes.

    However the actual extent of the medical seems to vary quite significantly depending on which doctor you get on which day.

    Obvious stuff around height/weight/blood pressure/urine analysis/colour blindness but after that it appears to be a tad of a lottery.....

    Particularly inconsistent around BMI it appears. The Staff Sgt who had our group had lost 7 or 8 (out of 12) the RSW prior to us, predominantly on BMI....All of the group I was in passed medical with a 'considerable' variation in physical condition.

    I got a fairly reasonable/sensible once over but some folks on my selection got quite a serious poking about. Giving the doc the benefit of the doubt, I went on the basis that they review your medical paperwork and GP comments and focus on any areas they think you could have an issue with. NO idea if this actually the case though.

    If you have been on any medication for breathing issues (asthma / chest infections etc.) expect to get some significant challenge, depending on how good a job your GP has done.

    Most of the activities on the w/e are about making a decent effort and not being a (k)nob.....Admittedly, I'm no expert with my whole 3 months experience of military thinking but that's how it came across. Best effort means exactly that.

    Do as you're told and don't put your hands in your pockets and you'll be OK. And run your knackers off. Strensall course is 2 laps and they'll tell you what time you are at when you complete 1st lap. No watches allowed.

    Just as a footnote, be prepared for potentially weeks-to-months of waiting to get your medical results audited before they swear you in. I passed in early September, got attested in Mid Nov due to delays with paperwork.
  4. Are you going with Hull AFCO?
  5. didn't think your GP did any paper work other than to say which jabs you have had and the rest was done to the qestionarrie you fill in yourself?
  6. Errr....Not as I understand it.

    They are required by the 20(ish) page bit of paper that you fill in to essentially substantiate anything that you put into the form yourself, in either a positive or negative context. Seem to recall that they also make a general statement around your medical health in respect to the requirements of the army but memory around that point is a little fuzzy.

    Honest view is that the better job your GP does of explaining anything in your medical history, the less likely it is to cause you a problem at selection.
  7. Thanks for the info guys. I imagine I will be quizzed about inhalers as I had them as a child, then was again prescribed one about 7 years ago due to a chest infection (which I know the Doctor has mentioned in my medical report).

    I can't think of anything else medically that will cause a problem.

    Think my main concern for the weekend will be the dreaded run! As it seems that if you try your best on everything else (i.e.. upper body strength tests) you are likely to pass.

    Am really looking forward to the weekend but am obviously apprehensive. Just hope I don't make a total tit of myself on the run and with the rest of the physical tests.
  8. Never had any of this on my selections days but I did mine different. I did my medical at Chillwell which involved a lot of sitting round and waiting then a selection day at Grantham which involved a few exercises and a mile and half run. Think thats the most important test to pass!!
  9. I have some final trivial questions which I would be grateful if anybody could answer for me:-

    The Joining instructions I have received list various items I need to take with me for the weekend with the first being 'suitable sports clothing to be worn under coveralls'. I assumed that tracky bottoms or shorts would be ideal but when briefed by a soldier on Tuesday he said tracky bottoms weren't suitable and that jeans would be better; this sounds wrong.

    Another item is a 'padlock and key' and I know this will sound daft but will a combination lock be alright as it saves me having to hide/carry a key? Or would I get shot-down with flames for not bringing the exact specified item?

    Any help would be appreciated then I promise to shut up until after the weekend.
  10. You can wear whatever you want in stensil mate, bear in mind that you won't be going back to rooms to get changed for the day.

    Tracky bottoms will be fine and stick some short on underneath for your 1.5mile run. Take a towel for a shower aswell.

    But.....there is never any hot water in strensil anyway.

    Any padlock is fine, it's just to stick on your bag for security reasons. There will be a point where you bag will be out of your room and when in the rooms, they will never be locked. I don't think security is a major issue, but you can never be to careful.

    If you are worried about the weekend don't be, it's a good laugh. Don't worry about your medical, **** all you can do about. ever IF they refer you that isn't the end of your TA application, there may be the opporunity to get other sorted by visiting your doctor of unit when you get back.

    Most of all......ENJOY IT :D
  11. Thanks very much GS; I shall take your advice and fully intend to enjoy it.
  12. Just got back from the RSW as was deferred due to having to visit the Doctors on two occasion's since being 4 years old (nothing since 2002). Am gutted as everything else was going really well and was confident I could have done the run. What a complete ******* waste of everybody's time and money it is not having the medical at the TAC.

    I have to go and have a lung test done on a specialist machine before I can return and do everything I have already done today again.

    Doesn't put me off though.

    Does anybody know what the special lung test that I have to do is?
  13. msr

    msr LE

    Read GeordieSteve's reply to your first question.

  14. Don't worry about it at all. These things happen, you weren't the first and won't be the last.

    ONly bitch is it takes a bit longer. Don't worry your battery will get your through.

    Plus, whilst you were in your nice warm house there were freezing their nuts off!! :D
  15. I just hope it doesn't take too long to arrange the Spirometry Test so I can get on the next RSW as the Doctor said I won't have to go through the entire process again if it's soon.

    Totally stupid set up though; why spend the entire day doing team building, BARB test, ice breaker etc. only to be deferred at the end of the day for something which could/should be done prior to attending. Apparently this is the way of the British Army and I will get used ti it quickly?

    You're right about being grateful to get home to a nice warm house though.