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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by spankmahonie, Apr 11, 2009.

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  1. Just started to enquire about joining the Royal Wessex Yeomanry and was actually wondering where do you have to do your selection weekend and what are the tests involved.I know you have to do a 1.5 mile run in 14 minutes with half mile squad warm up first but how many sit ups, press ups and heaves to the beam are required to pass the selection.Any knowledge on this would be a great help. cheers.
  2. You won't be passed or failed on pressups or situps. In fact you might not do them for selection.
    You will get a heave test, and there are a couple of other strength tests to do on machines, plus a static lift.
    Again, however, it is not a pass or fail - it's just just get a general view.
  3. Cheers for the reply but any ideas which selection centre would be sent to?
  4. I'm not familiar with any RTC near your area, sorry mate.
    Have you made contact with your local unit yet? Just ask them when you next give them a visit.
  5. last few through RSW inclusing myself from my unit didnt do pressups or situps as part of RSW as Hed said, its static lift, best effort heaves, back extension test, jerrycan walk and another which simulates loading kit onto a wagon cant remember what its called. All are best effort including the Risk reduced run (800m at the PTI's pace for warmup, quick time/double time) then straight into the run 2.4km (1.5mile) again best effort but it eventually becomes a pass/fail by the time you get to Weekend 6 but remember you will do you PFT (1.5mile run, best effort pressups/situps) on every subsequent weekend so you get loads of practice. Hope you enjoy and theres loads of threads about this, just use the search option.

    For reference your Risk Reduced Run is 14mins for inf, and i got told 15mins all other arms. PFT time when qualified is 10m30 run 44 pressups and 50 situps (if 29 and under)
  6. For reference if any one is doing their RRR at 15mins you will not be joining!!!

    The time is 14mins and under!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. For infantry it is this, I believe. For those who don't like rolling in the mud (poofs!) it's 15 minutes. Still, aim for 12 minutes if you're a bit fat like me - that's a lovely pace, and it just so happens you can set your treadmill at the gym for exactly 12km/h and get there in 12 minutes too!
  8. Best effort not required? How things have changed since I did my RSW... :roll:

    I work in ADSC (P) the RRR time is 14min period :twisted:
  10. hee hee i was so waiting for that. Light blue touch paper and retire too good. this is what i love on here, so many people with so many opinions, so few with the facts. Took you longer than i thought fallingplate.
  11. Ofcourse best effort is required, however I know for a fact that on the RSW I recently attended that some people were barely sweating by the end.. afterwards one lad told me he wanted to be able to easily be able to beat his time.

    I personally gave it my all, threw up halfway round and was dizzy as **** at the end. But my fitness aint that great, I want to use it to record my fitness progress.

    Guess it depends on weather or not you want to put the effort in to keep improving your phys
  12. I think I was suggesting that as a training target. I came in a lot quicker and I'm not training to get down to about 7-8 minutes for my PFTs as Sandhurst.
  13. well im away tomorrow for my RSD, hoping for a good result, though did make the mistake of going for a run yesterday evening and as a result i'm aching a bit tonight. hopefully the aches will have gone by the morning.. Just be glad to get it done and start my recruit training weekends ( hopefully in may). Just like to say thanks to any one who as given me advice on here over last few months..
  14. You are split into groups where you do the following and not necessarily in this order;

    1 - a confidence test. (talk about yourself for a minute)
    2 - a team exercise. "Get this box of the CO's finest china over that course without breaking it, the ground is mined and no one from your team can die!"
    3 - strength exercise. two jerry cans of water for 120 (or so) meters. a back pull machine and a back push machine measuring core strength and then a static lift.

    After all of this you do a 1.5mile run/jog...

    On my selection a fatty limped in at 18 minutes and 58 seconds ( I could walk faster ) and she was passed.

    However, a guy made an excuse of a twisted ankle ( bullshit ) and he didn't complete it, but was failed.

    It would seem it is so your unit can decide what to do with you afterwards, whether they attest or not based no your performance.

    The pass mark for this run is rumoured to be 14minutes, but this again is bullshit (unless you're instructures are anglians, lmao).

    If you ever want to qualify for your bounty you will need to maintain a 10.5 minute per 1.5 miles (this also depends on your regiment).
  15. You are not running enough then! Every day even for a mile (10 minutes of your time) will improve your aches and pains. However rest days are most vital!