selection weekend icebreaker

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by JohnJorrocksMFH, Sep 29, 2007.

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  1. Any useful hints / tips about how to deal with this, as well as what format it takes?

    Not ever having had to do any public speaking before, I'm not overly looking forward to it!

  2. Talk about hunting for a couple of minutes. The subject matter is of itself so interesting that your audience cannot fail to be impressed. Remember to tell them of how the big terrier-man was found shagging a goat after last season's Hunt Ball...
  3. How did you know about that?? :lol: :lol:
  4. Beaufort Hunt Supporters Club mate...we see all, we know all...
  5. Drink a little bit too much having taken note of the first names of all the instructors.

    You will be expected to call them by their first names in the bar, and it shows spirit if you can publically slag them off.
  6. Probably doesn't apply, but if it does - don't talk about your ******* gap year. No-one cares how many babies you hugged and how many wells you built.

    We had one last year, spoke about himself for about 1 minute in which all he managed to disclose was the fact he liked drinking and getting wasted every night, he then fell asleep during someone elses lecturette and was poked, woke up looked around and shouted "I like drinking". 8O
  7. Any useful advice much appreciated here too.

    At the moment I am going to mention why I am interested in joining(and why that role), very potted background, interests, recent exciting exploits (PG rated) and what I hope to get out of the TA. Is that sound? To be honest I do not like talking about myself much so would appreciate some guidance.

  8. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Naked Morris Dancing is normally a good ice breaker
  9. Tell 'em why you believe that you'll make SNCO within a few years and that you're actually using the unit you'll join as a stepping stone to taking selection and growing THEM.

    Sporting a FOB Mk1 Fu Manchu moustache on your first night will enhance your image to no end!
  10. I remember selection weekend, I spent a minute on the Ice breaker ... 'My name's Sarah and I work for ******.' - then walked off. I wouldn't plan anything for it, I'm in and no one took any notice of what I said!
  11. A cry of "NAKED BAR!!" followed by an impromptu strip tease and an indecent drunken assault on the nearest female will be an effective way of winning the hearts and minds of the staff.

    The Cad.
    Prisoner 023141
    HMP Belmarsh.
  12. I've got my icebreaker coming up sometime soon and all I think they want to see is that you've got the confidence to stand up and talk to people you don't know so I'm not worrying about thinking of something particularly interesting to say (because frankly I don't). So go in being honest and confident.
  13. End with the traditional rousing shout of 'al-jihad fi sabil Allah' and run, screaming, at the CO.
  14. works every time, and it will put you in good sted for the years to come
  15. icebreakers are nothing to worry about, if you have nothing interesting to say then lie, it doesnt really mater they don't actually care what your interests are so long as you have the confidence to speak about them.