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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ANewRecruit, Mar 31, 2011.

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  1. Hey, I've had a search but I can't find anything on these questions:

    How is best to carry the gear I was given to take with me? It seems as though I'll be taking a lot with me once I factor in my civvies, phys kit, etc?

    Do you have to wash the kit before/after a well?

  2. For a selection weekend your kit should fit in a rucksack. If it doesn't you are probably taking far too much stuff.
  3. As for washing home before and after the weekend......unless you like wearing dirty clothes.

    Not the stuff your unit issues you though.
  4. Ok I'll stick into the wash now.
    @ JD150: Sleeping bag, coverall, waterproof trousers + jacket. On top of my own stuff. That's more than a rucksack easily?
  5. You won't need a sleeping bag or coveralls. Bedding will be provided and you will wear a bib (provided by the RTC) over your sports kit. No need for waterproofs, just man up!

    You need:

    Tracksuit bottoms.
    Sports top (footie shirt or similar).
    Decent trainers.
    A notepad and pen.
    A Towel.
    Wash kit.
    A padlock.
    A rucksack to put everything above in.

    If you plan on going down the bar on the Saturday night you will need smart civilian clothing and cash.
  6. I figured I wouldn't need most of it. But I was told to take it, and hand it back in immediately when I'm back on Sunday. Unfortunately! I'd prefer to take it rather than get a bollocking for not listening you know!

    I forgot wash kit, good point!

    Just curious as well, is this a paid weekend?
  7. Fair enough if that's what your unit have told you to take but don't be surprised if it ends up staying in your bag all weekend.

    It shouldn't be a paid weekend, you won't start getting paid until you have passed selection and been attested into the TA. Having said that I know of some units that will then back date pay for it once you have been attested (though they certainly shouldn't and would land themselves in some very hot water if they get caught out). Work on the assumption that you won't be paid.
  8. It's all good then, thanks a lot! Much appreciated.
  9. Thank you. can't wait.:nod:
  10. You need fcuk all! I took everything my list asked for and only wore my PT gear and my wash kit. But then I suppose its better to be prepared than not. Oh and good luck!
  11. It's not normally on the kit list for the selection weekend, but I'd bring a water bottle with you. Just so that you've got a drink at night and in the morning before your run. Best of luck.
  12. You wore your wash kit? Good drills.
  13. Wash cloth tied in knots at the corner and worn in the absence of a beret?

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  14. I don't blame you for over packing being a new recruit. Once you have been in a while and get a set of joining instructions with a kit list you will get a good idea what not to take.
  15. I'm interested in what's been issued by your unit. In our neck of the woods (15 Brigade), selection weekend is entirely in civvies with the addition of PT kit for the phys element. Obviously, you'll still need wash kit but I don't think they expect you to wear it either.