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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Macgyver, Jan 31, 2007.

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  1. Hi,

    On the selection weekend are a majority of the 'applicatants' fit and healthy or do you get some borderline / unfit. If they are borderline / unfit how do they get on?

    Ive got my weekend and like most people im paranoid! especialy after reading a majority of posts where people cruised though it with ease, so i wondered if im going to be with a lot of superfit types. Im hopeful to pass(been doing weights, running and general keep fit for last few months) but that beer belly doesnt seemed to have moved! lol

    Any info, tips from people who were in the same boat as me would be grateful

  2. Not trying to be funny, but required fitness levels vary greatly from unit to unit. (What are you hoping to join?) Difficult to guess how fit your weekend colleagues will be.

    However, from your e-mail, I suspect you'll be better prepared than the average candidate. Don't worry, but do try hard and show enthusiasm & determination, and you'll be fine.

    Don't forget, they're not looking for the finished article, just someone suitable to start training!
  3. Cut the drink and pies out. If you think your that bad. Keep running, don't worry what everyone else is doing.

    In 1985 my first Plt Sgt said to me, about joining the TA. "You can make someone fit but you can't make someone enthusiastic. And with that I started running half marathons. (My poor mother thought I'd gone mad).

  4. Hi, attending my selection weekend at the RLC in Grantham
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Measure a mile and a half (GPS or Google Earth) and time yourself.

    If it takes you more than 14 mins - delay your application

  6. yep use walkjogrun its a great site, speaking from very recent experience of a Recruit Selection weekend for Infantry, honestly mate it REALLY isn't anything to worry about, like MSR said time yourself on a mile and a half run if you are under 14 mins you'll be fine but to be honest you really would be doing a light jog to do it in that time methinks.

    A question for those in the know for my curiosity and for andy 123's benefit, what kind of time are you expected to acheive by the end of your training for RLC?
  7. Just had a look at that link. Its spot on mate, thanks.

  8. msr

    msr LE

  9. when you going to grantham, and what a sweet link.
  10. Thanks for the walkrun link, very handy.. but how correct is it? Thanks for the other replies, good web site for wet behind the ear folk like myself!
  11. very correct :thumright:
  12. It's absolutely correct. I've compared some very long distance "country walks" with the O/S maps and a piece of string and they're spot on.

    The scary thing is you often find something you had down as "about 8 miles" is only 7.5 or the like.
  13. Back on the fitness thang...

    I've been astonished at how unprepared some recruits are for the mildest of phys. Naturally there are a smattering of racing snakes ( I recall two pure-blood Zulus.. blimey, they where QUICK ) but a good deal rock up expecting to join an Infantry unit without getting sweaty.
  14. I would agree with the other posters and think you will do fine. Enthusiasm goes a very long way.

    Unfortunately whatever course you are on, you will always find people who "cruised though it with ease". If you speak with those on the same course, strangely enough thats not how they are remembered :yawnstretch: