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selection wait

I was due to go to selection tomorrow (17th) but i've had an ear infection for the last week or so and i'm on antibiotics for it so today i went to AFCO to see what i should do about it when i got to RSC ie take medicine into medical with me or just mention what it was,anyway my recruiter is currently on holiday so one of the other fellas rang the RSC and they said not to go down, to finish the course of antibiotics and when the infections cleared to go back in and rearrange my date for selection, they made it seem like i wouldn't have to wait for a certain period of time however one of my mates has told me i'd have to wait for three months

So can anyone help me and tell me where i stand on this?
Um...you'd have to wait 3 months for a deferment (if you were turned away at RSC) but just for a common illness i would've thought you'll be up there in a couple of weeks
thank's mate that's what i thought from what they told me but i thought i'd try and get it clarified because i can't be doing with another 3 month wait
glad you got an answer there - my hayfever has been diagnosed correctly as sinusitis in the same week as my selection interview. :(

Glad I'll be able to work round it :).
hindsights a wonderful thing,if i'd known it would have stopped me going i wouldn't have said anything, however i would have still had the infection so i would have got defered anyway which would probably mean an even longer wait

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