Selection video


This is a bit of a random question but im going to selection on the 28th !!*w00t*
I have been looking all over for the video i watched at the recruitment office on selection but i cant find it anywhere. not even on youtube !! :O

Does anyone know a link or know where i can get hold on the video??? probably a longshot but would be nice to watch it again.
just phone the ACIO and ask to come down and watch it again - you'll have great difficulty in tracking down the video outside of recruiting


Don't worry about it, it's a piece of cake. I was there ~4 weeks ago.

Worst thing was at the end of the first day when they took us to the bar area (called the NAAFI?) and said we wasn't allowed to drink! That, and the train journey.

You will probably enjoy it, as did I.


its ok mate its not that bad its just the med you wont 2 worry about 7 lads was sent home wen i was there just make sure you drink alot of warter on the way there (and don't drink any red bull or anythink like that)


hey i wouldnt worry about selection that much as long as you pass medical and dont walk on the run youve basically passed, i passed on dec 7th and join in MARCH 11TH cnt w8, 24 weeks of infantry training at catterick should be fun lol if not an experience i wont forget lol