selection tomorrow! any advice would be great!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by sweetsoutar, Nov 7, 2007.

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  1. ok tomorrow is my selection and just wanting some extra advice about anything! tips for running the 1.5m, team games, ice breaker....more advice the better! this is my future and all i want so would be devasted if i failed :( !


  3. Fail to plan.....plan to fail. How long have you known you are going? They didn't just call you this afternoon and say ' pack your bags and get down here tomorrow' did they? That doesn't happen until you actually get in the Army. Let us know how you get on.

    Good luck.
  4. known for about a week an 1/2! doesn't seem 2minutes since i walked into the careers office and now my whole future is in these next 2 days!

  5. Good luck mate :)

    Be yourself, and let me know how it went after!


    P.S. Haven't done it myself, but check over the DvD again! :)
  6. Good Luck, do well and let us know how you get on.
  7. 110% effort at all times, do as your told and enjoy yourself.
    Good luck
  8. Good Luck for tomorrow - I'll see you there!!
  9. Without sounding warped, enjoy yourself.

    Some of my and probably every other soldiers fondest and most humourous memories all came from it

    When the chips are down, dig deep and go for it - the DS have all done exactly what your doing, its tried and tested and they are looking for weakness - dont let it get you down

    Theres no Quota, they are not purposely trying to fail you no matter how hard you think it is, its all in the head.

    Good luck fella
  10. good luck fella!

    When i first got there i thought fu*k me, this is strict!, but as the day went on i got used to it in a way and learned to have a crack with the lads who i was with.

    like others have said, enjoy it (in a funny way), always give 110% no matter what task, try your ultimate best on the run, no lip, no attitude tot he corporals/sergeant, stand firm as a board with your end interview with the PSO, always say sir at end of every sentence (not to corporals/sergeants they will get mad!, only the end interview)

    try your best, if you want it, you'll come through

  11. when a major askes you a question, {as he did to everyone of us on the team tests}

    dont say "ay" if you dont get him, as one poor chap did, as was the butt of jokes for the corporals for the rest of the day.
  12. ice breaker, piss easy u got a board wit hthe main points to help u

    fitness, well the run is easy provided u have trained for it

    team tasks, well make sure you are heard and provided your team is not retarded u cant fail GOOD LUCK !!
  13. yer, definitley shout out your guts on the team tasks, there are 4 at Lichfield, the 1st one i was completley quiet (as most was), 2nd a little encouragement, 3rd, quite a bit, and then 4th, absolutley screamed my head off.

    Just show enthusiasm and do as you're told, you can't go wrong :D

    good luck mate :)
  14. Cheers for all tips peeps it's been really useful :)
  15. let us know how you get on, i hope i get to go selection soon xD waiting letter to arrive sometime