Selection to Training?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by TomHigginbottom, May 16, 2011.

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  1. Hello again guys, you may have seen me post this question elsewhere but didn't get much feedback, so here goes...

    What would be the wait from passing selection and starting training? With the maximum amount getting the lowest pass grade? And the minimum amount being the highest pass grade? I don't need an exact answer just a rough estimate as I need something to work towards. Oh and it's for an Infantryman. Cheers and thanks for your help.
  2. How long is a piece of string?
  3. I would only like a rough estimate.
  4. Sorry mate but you're stuck like the rest of us not knowing, just be glad you're not waiting for 203 acceptance from Glasgow as a re-enlister, I am doing BARB soon then pre-selection if Glasgow says ok. I expect if all goes well to be away by this time next year. P.S I'm infantry Royal Irish
  5. Good luck with that mate :) I would be Yorkshire Regiment, don't know whether to go for guards or para's yet, still got plenty of time to decide eyy!
  6. cheers you too. Well to each their own. I personally would go PARA's if I had the fitness for it as my dad was 9 para alas as it is at the minute my runtime isn't yet upto that standard but heres hoping one day I will be, as can do P Coy as part of RIR.
  7. Is it common for some lads that aren't from Ireland to join the RIR, because my family descends from Ireland, aha?
  8. I know that it is possible for other people outside NI and ireland to join just rare. great regiment to be part of though as part of 16 Air assault, so RIR, PARAs or tech trade I.E 9 PARA RE if you want airbourne role.