Selection to Int Corps with Cat 2

Dear all,

I recently completed the AOSB Briefing, finishing with a category two due to struggling on the obstacle course. Everything else I passed without issue, and they recommended a postponement of only three months before Main Board. However, I have heard from several sources that certain regiments have a strong preference for candidates who received a category one. I intend to apply for the Int Corps, and was wondering if anyone had any experience in this respect. If I do reach Sandhurst and begin applying for regiments, will they take a more favourable view of those who received category one, and to what extent?


Book Reviewer
As far as I've gleaned from conversations around here, interest in AOSB at Sandhurst is zero. AOSB is three days to get you through the door, that's what it's for.

Once you form up on the outskirts of bosky Camberley, you're under scrutiny and the clock starts ticking from the second you rock up in your cheap suit with ironing board. The Corps will make its decision based on your performance at the RMA and on how they feel about you. They know what they're looking for and, if you're it, you'll be selected, if you're not, you won't.

Caveat: @Sarastro or @cpunk will be able to give far better info.