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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Cpt_Subtext, Oct 15, 2007.

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  1. Okay so most of us hoping to join the army have a reasonable idea of the fitness tests on selection but I was wondering exactly what fitness tests are there? I know about the Jerry cans, the 1.5 mile run, the chin ups etc etc but what can one of us heading for selection expect to be tested on exactly?

    Feel free to have a go for me being lazy and not searching etc etc etc. just thought it might be an idea to have this brought up.
  2. ADSC, you do 1.5 mile, jerry can carry, dynamic and static lift, heaves, back strength machine, PT session, grenade throwing practical, grenade theory, ice breaker and interview. also TST for certain capbadges or jobs.

    you should be given a breif telling you about what you get tested on by your AFCO.

    if your fit and motivated it will show and it will be no drama. if your a mong that too will show.

    we did press ups and sit ups in our PT session, so make sure your all round fit.
  3. Also the team-tasks.

    I found these the most demanding physically for me. I'm used to lifting relatively heavy weights, but not swinging them round, and throwing them to someone else! Ached like hell the day after. But it was really good fun, just throw yourself into the action, and get involved. Help your team mates vocally and physically. Show encouragement for everyone!
  4. Can I just add that I haven't done selection, but there's one key that I have gained, other than knowing what's going on this is crucial, drink plenty of water and keep hydrated. Most important thing of all, and i'll follow it like a treat if I can, because I don't want to suffer performance loss on the run for example (if I get that far :p)
  5. Problem with that RE, is that you don't get much opportunity to have a drink!
  6. Bring a hip flask ;)
  7. I did, but maybe whisky wasn't the best idea!
  8. haha i can just image trying to run the 1.5 miler while completley fubar, might end up in some hedges or something! heheh
  9. Lol I'd hope not :p

    I can't wait long enough for this to come around.. gosh.. anyone else laying on this as their only path in life, do or die? 8)
  10. LOL that was you in the hedge then.
  11. Hicc hicc..........
  12. i didnt mind the team tasks. climbing up down and across poles and planks is easy for me, im like a monkey (not quite so hairy, but its close :p)

    on the team tasks our cpl had us doing sprints between each one. and we got like no time so had to keep doing them until we were fast enough.
    none of the other ******* teams had to do that.

    and of course this was after the 1.5 so we were all fucked anyway.

    overall i thought ADSC wasnt that difficult, and i loved it.

    also, you will get little time to drink, and dont get to take water on 1.5.

    and take shorts, because a few guys got bollocked to hell for not having any. same for smoking, all the smokers were doing 60 press ups in there interview suits...on top of the 30 we got for not walking from lunch in total silence...