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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by SmithsRail, Oct 21, 2007.

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  1. yo I have my selection weekend coming up 6th/7th November, I'm curious as to what the run times have to be for the 1.5 mile run.. my ACIO said it was 11:30 but a friend who's already in said it was 10:30, what is it for Observation Post Assistant?

    thanks in advance for any replies.
  2. Standby:

    Paras - 9.18 - 9.40

    Level 1 - Inf and RLC Pioneer - 12.30

    Level 2 - RA, RAC, AAC - 13.15

    Level 3 - All others 14.00

    AFC - 14.30

  3. surely the basic time for everyone is 10min 30?? with a little extra added for women?
  4. I always have a wee bit to add to the women
  5. I believe they are the ADSC Run Times

    Quis Separabit
  6. Why not listen to your ACIO?
  7. Dodging the waah

    10:30 is obviously the BFT/BPFA/PFT run time, this lad is talking the time he has to pass recruit selection to start training, I believe they have to pass in 10:30 to get out of basic training.

    In my day, cough,cough, when we did it in boots and denims we had to run it in 10:30 to get out of depot, however the rest of the army did it in 11:30
  8. I remember running my first one at Regiment in 1991 I achieved the none too impressive time of 9.36

    I was queuing up to register my tag with the QMSI when some ******* old sweaty Lance Jack behind me started giving a load of abuse about not being fast enough for a NIG.

    "But I finished at least three places in front of you, Bom. Surely that's fast enough?"

    "Shut it, you gobby NIG.."

    And so a sixteen year friendship started to form....

    Didn't it, Wellyhead..... :wink:
  9. What what pray are you doing posting on here Donald
  10. bloody hell, I'm off to ATR Lichfield on Tuesday for the 2 day selection course (ADSC), I've been runnning on treadmill loads to improve my fitness and I tell you what, I went for one run outside today to see if it was the same, and I almost died just before I got to a mile :/
  11. 10:30 my old BC could not get of his fat arse in that time and hardly ever showed his face when it was run day.

    My best ever was 7:37 (give or take a second) though these days i'm a ten minute man. I suppose I should get out more but been a civvy makes you lazy :)

    And 10:30 in boots and denims was the standard back in my day too.

    They use trainers these days do they?
  12. I'm still waiting for my medical forms to be sent back to the AFCO, i know what you mean, i was going for a while on a treadmill and last week i did exactly the same... But i went out again on Tuesday at a slower pace and i completed the 1.5 mile (all be it in 15 minutes :oops: ) lol i think the problem with going from treadmill to running properly is mainly pace, because the treadmill will automatically pace you where as normal running you have to pace yourself. Which is hard to grasp if you're not used to running.

    Edited because of mong spelling
  13. Adult Entry.
    PARA 9:18 to 9:40 (upper body results dependant)
    INF/RLC Pio: 12:45
    RA,RE,RAC, HCAV: 13:45

    Junior Entry.
    ADC: 14:00
    AFC 14:30

    Any INF candidates that achieve over 10:50 will be recommended for SPC.
    All others over 11:30 will be recommended for SPC.
    ALL females now complete SPC as standard.

    You should be running 1.5 miles (2.4km) in under 10:30 to give you a better chance at completing phase 1 (statistically speaking). In reality you need to beat this time because if you can't you are not fit to wear the uniform. End of.

    Best of luck.
  14. what are these times based on? how correct are these timings? cheers.
  15. Dirk Ive been out of Recruiting for well over a year now and take it you are a Recruiter at present. Are the PSO's now taking these times as gospel now as when I was doing the job and visited ADSC they still insisted these times were a guide but they still expected 9.18 paras, under 11.30 lads or 12.30 lasses so thats why recruiters wouldnt send down unless near to them times.(i sent all mine on a LAL first)
    Is the SPC the new 3 week beat up course that was being discussed
    I think the sound of sending applicants over them times on a three week pre course is a great idea.

    If you dont want your answers in public domain pm me please. cheers