selection - rmp

i applied to join rmp, in august and i failed ot reach the reguired colour perception level (cp3). however i know y this was, because, i was trying ot 'blag' the system, and said it was white even if it had the odd shade of green, and visa versa. does anone know if i can retake it? and how strict are they on this?

cheers robo
the RMP have a bad enough time being known for a lack of integrity from what I can tell.

have a gold star robbo9
Why would anybody wish to join the monkeys anyway??

and why is it monkeys and not monkies?
Thank you. I knew someone would have the answer.
Sorry guys, plural of monkey IS monkeys. And as for monkeys being known for lack of integrity, that'll be amongst the uneducated, unwashed or just plain scrotes.

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