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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by perry07, Aug 2, 2007.

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  1. hey guys, im doing my selection within the next few weeks, just wondering about the fitness requirments for entrants i.e.

    upper body strength - press-ups, sit-ups etc..

    i can do the 1.5 miles in around 12 minutes easily so im not to worried about that.

    though, what is the TST like and whats in it

    feedback much appreciated

  2. If you use the search option you will find loads of people that are asking exactly the same thing.

    As far as the fitness goes 12 mins is too slow. You need to be runing under 11.30 as a bear minimum and for some jobs quicker than that. Even if you run 11.30 a lot of recruiters will look dimly on scraping through.
  3. haha, ok thanks, i just noticed the other topics

    any idea on the times for diffrent vocs?
  4. Could use the same info, depends what your going in for. I have been told all sorts of different things, been told by my ACIO that I have 14mins to do my 1.5mile but can get it in under 9 anyway but not sure about push ups and sit ups, again some people have said there is no minimum requirement for 'support' trades where as some have said you need to be able to do 44push ups and 50sit ups in 2mins, hence why im now bricking it with 6 days to go and can only get too 30 push ups =/
  5. You DO NOT get tested on press ups or sit ups at ADSC. Fact.

    You get tested on PULL ups, and a variety of interesting machines designed to assess your physical strength in other areas.

    EVERYONE should be aiming for 10 minutes or less on the run time, although most trades can be more than this, but it will demonstrate a good level of fitness.
  6. What he said ^^

    You can also only fail the medical, the run and the final interview - there is no pass or fail on the strength tests.
  7. on the selection video you watch at your ACIO shows someone failing on 1 of the strength tests from what i remember from yesterday? think they failed on the jerry can lift...
  8. that video shows lots of things that didnt happen on mine - no bag searching and no girls, for 2 easy examples.
  9. The idea of Selection is to see effort and a good standard all round, if you're generally of poor standard you won't get in.

    The Jerry Can carry is simple, it tests your grip, and shouldn't cause a problem for anyone, and if it does, you better put serious effort into the rest of your time at selection.
  10. heh sjm bag searching could be related to the no girls deal, perhaps its common to bring dangerous items for women looking to protect themselves? im just kidding but meh :p

    Point taken goon, im sure itll be fine just saying that on the video someone was chucked out cos they couldnt carry them far enough. Heh im just a little anxious to say the least, so thinking of all the nice things that could go wrong :D

    (not to mention every time i get my blood pressure taken it comes across really high, in the 150's just 'cos im nervous about it, on my heart monitor i use for training my normal rate is like 110-120 but when I have it taken my heart really goes for it :p)
  11. Gedge, you'll find that the Docs are generally understanding of this.

    I had a HIGH BP rate, but the Doc used common sense (I know), and passed me 'cos I'd been on a train since 0145 that morning (Bank Holiday, rail works, etc) and was tired, nervous etc.

    Don't worry, they expect it to be a bit high
  12. Thanks crescent just getting really nervous now, hell iv revised more maths over the last 24hours than i did during my whole school life (im not even joking), but thanks for the help its appreciated.
  13. Dont stress so much selection is really not that bad, if anything al you do is sit around and wait.....and wait..... all day long on the first day for everyone to complete their medicals then in the afternoon you do all the upper body strength tests. Get there early so that you can do your medical first then when you have to do the icebreaker you only do it it front of like 5 people instead of 40+
    Where you doing your selection? when i went i got there early and was finished with my medical & icebreaker within 2 hours
  14. The strenght tests and the jerry can carry is there to test you for certain CEG's and if you dont meet the minimum requirement will not be allowed for those jobs. For instance RA, RE and REME are quite high requirement along with others. The performance down there is graded on all performances so if you do crap on one but strong on others they may give you a chance. Just put 100% in everything and do you best, ask your recruiter if they have any pre selection days so you can practice before you go.